This morning I woke up with the evolution theory running through my mind “and they evolved over eons and eons”… so during my coffee I was browsing on the internet after “advanced races of humans”. Like, why not?! Only to find completely useless articles that only pissed me off. Like, who would admit this openly?!

Anyway, today is 22, the 6th for this year. (:D :D)

Today I booked my two one-day-trips from Cancun. 🙂 The meeting point is at 2.3 km from my hostel, but I’m ok, either it’s going to be a nice jogging session at sunrise, either Uber. Either both, first day one, second day, the other. The sunrise will happen at 6:22 those days, so, if I wake up early enough to see it, I will have enough time even to walk peacefully until the tour bus leaves at 7:20.

And I just found out I’m a “yellow electric seed” in the mayan calendar..

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