Jason and Klara

Ok, maybe “relationship” was too much to describe my connection with Klara. It was more like a teacher-student friendship, where the roles of student or teacher weren’t clearly established, each one could be either, depending on the context.

– Klara? Is there any connection with your colleague Klara who leads the business planning division, in Mexico?, asked Moon surprised.

– Yes, she is the same. She did achieve quite a lot in these past 10 years since I haven’t seen her.

I remember a particular situation, when we auditioned for a master class. We were sitting for a juice at the coffee shop next to the faculty campus, where the audition took place.

At one point she started remembering her audition and she was telling us, yet mostly trying to convince herself, that she thinks it went well. She looked quite drained and I could even sense she was nervous, although I didn’t ask myself at that time if she was nervous because she was sitting next to me or because of her audition.

At first I didn’t pay attention at what she was saying because I was immersed in my own thoughts. As I was finding my seat at the table I noticed the committee from the audition, they were sitting for a coffee break just few tables away.. Yeah, and Klara at one point started to talk a bit louder, thing I didn’t like, as I didn’t want her to put me in a bad light and ruin my chances to get the master class, should the committee see me with her.

So I touched her right hand gently, to catch her attention, and softly told her that she should be careful at what she is saying. And then she suddenly became pale and started talking about her purpose in life. I was very surprised to notice how sensitive this girl really was and I felt a bit sorry for stealing her even that little excitement that it was showing above her sadness. But then I was saved by the waitress, which came with a wooden treasure box. They were serving the bill in a treasure box, I found it funny and I showed it to her trying to cheer her up a bit. “Hang in there, child, everything is going to be alright, and eventually you will find also your purpose in life”, I was thinking to myself.

– You liked her, you moron! Jumped Moon. Why did you let her go?

– It was a long story. Yes, I did like her, but from liking her to wanting to keep her as a partner it was a long road..

Mind you, when I met her, she gave me the impression that I was the Sun for her, she didn’t have a job and she was a bit of a mess in her emotional life also. It was too much responsibility, I couldn’t bear the risk of making her dependent on me, so I had to be very careful at interacting with her, not to give her too much and to make her suffer even more. She had to fix her own life alone, at first, which would raise her self-confidence.

As the months and the years passed by, she did start to improve her life and I remember one time when I saw her at a lecture, it was about one year after that audition, I was very impressed with how much she had improved her attitude, her confidence and her looks, that it felt safe even to go to her directly and tell her “Congratulations”.

At that time I had already met you, Moon, so I decided to play safe and let her in peace.

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