My tomato plants have flower buds!!

And with this title I wrote everything serious worth writing in this post. The rest is just.. dreaming. Like me. I’m a dream. Even to myself. 😀

Yesterday afternoon I bought my travel insurance and some $$. Now I’m gonna have to wait until Prague airport or even Paris for pesos. 6 more days and I will take off.

I have been checking the routes of the flights from the previous week and I see some of them are passing, for a small portion, also over the Bermuda Triangle. Should I write my Will, before leaving? 😀 I would like to have this one at least in one of my flights. It would be amazing!!

And I saw one that made such a high curve, over the territory of Greenland… and I see they are flying over land as much as possible: over UK, then over Canada and North America. But considering the flight until there is all during night and also at very high altitude, no chance of seeing something on the ground. And I bought my seat at the corridor, as I found it more comfortable, but I have some feeling that I will be sitting alone on 3 seats, at least until now I see I’m alone on that row. Or, if not, I hope my row colleague(s) will give me at least their birth dates, for astrology/synchronicity analysing purposes. 😀

And now I just filled in and printed that Migratory Form for the visa. It’s weird that, in the field for “vuelo de salida” it is automatically taken what you filled in the “vuelo de entrada”.. but I will ask the stewardess in the plane if it is ok or if I should correct it manually with a pencil..

I believe everything is prepared for the trip now, I have my cabin suitcase filled in for more than 1 month now, waiting patiently next to my dresser, I’m putting in and out some item of clothing depending on the inspiration. And Leo took me yesterday to a shop where I bought some small sealable bags, for the phone, chargers, liquids and other small items. I will only have now to agree with my Leo how much he will want as compensation for taking care of my tomato “orchard” and watering the other small plants, that may even be flowering until I am back. 🙂

I have been so excited this past week, in a constant state of dreaming, as if I was being sealed in a bubble of serenity that nothing could break. Part of it because of this trip, the other part because of other beautiful things. I have the intuition that after this trip I will not be the same spirit again, as if I will be entering into a complete new dimension. The Maya one. And nobody will ever be able to stop me from being me. Juno even offered to give me his soul to take it in the trip with me. How sweet, Juno. Don’t worry, you will have the chance to take it yourself, in your own body. 😉

“Give me wings to fly!!!” / “Where does my heart beat now“.

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