Lucid dreaming

So last night I had some other sessions of lucid dreaming. So illuminating. 🙂

The first dream, I remember I was in a bed and it was night and dark in the room and my phone rang. I saw it was showing 10 AM and April 16th. My mom was on the other side of the line and she asked me where I am. I was thinking, wait a minute, at this hour I should be in the plane, preparing for landing, not in a bed, in the night, in a hotel room. “Hmm, I must be dreaming!” I told to myself. And then I had an idea to test to see if I’m actually dreaming or not, so I asked my mom: “Mom, which is the date when I should be flying to Mexico?” And she said: “April 6th”. And then I was like: “Ha! wrong answer = I’m dreaming!”. And then in a semi-awaken state I “clicked” save, so I would remember everything and write it on my blog when I will wake up.

Then, few small lucid sessions when I was alone and testing the dream reality. So cool.

And then I was in another hotel room (or the same) and there were also some people standing there, looking at me, it felt weird and once again I had the hint that I must be dreaming. So I had another idea to prove it. I started asking math questions to the people. “1+1?”, “2!”, somebody answered. “2+3”, “5!”, somebody else answered. Hmm… “7+5?” and the answer was “7”.

I asked again a bit louder: “7+5?” and the answer was again “7”. One time more, this time quite excited: “7+5?” and I heard back “7”. I was like: “Haa!!!.. see? once again I’m dreaming!”. “I must have caught a small cold if my body is able to sleep so deeply yet my brain still active”.. I was telling to myself.

And then I was again in a hotel room, either in Prague or already in Mexico, this time not alone, Leo was there with me and I was so happy that in the end he decided to come with me. The phone watch was showing 11:00 AM and, funny thing, this time it didn’t even cross my mind that I might not be awake, yet still dreaming, so I started rushing him to pack everything, “Dude, we have a plane to catch at 5 PM, so we must be at the airport at latest 2 PM”.

Yeah… 🙂 On the other hand, I did catch a small cold after I fell asleep with the wet hair on Wednesday night 😦 God, I’m such a sensitive flower… And I realized I still have a lot of chores to do before leaving, starting with planting in the garden some of my flowers and tomato plants, so that Leo will have less to take care off.

Later edit: ok, so I made a small plantation :)) 10 tiny plants of forget-me-not and 10 tomato plants. Let’s see if they will survive, because the weather predictions say it might even be snowing next week.. Anyway, I have a lot of them left inside.

Now I have to make some rice with mushrooms.. but I just took 2 paracetamols. Oooops..  so, zzzzZZz now. Maybe Leo will cook lunch today. ZZzzzzz

PS. The flight radar shows that the Quetzalcoatl Livery is scheduled for my flight!! 🙂 Yeeeey. What were the chances?! (I guess 12,5% if it is rotating randomly between 4 destinations way and back). Can hardly wait.

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