Day 1 on another continent

Ok, the day is not over yet, local hour is 4 PM, even if this day for me has 31 hours, from which 12 trying to sleep in the Dreamliner economic class. It wasn’t that bad, my memory foam travel pillow helped tremendously, the night passed quite fast. And I watched 2 episodes of “Good Luck, Charlie!”, the one with the bug prom and the one with the waiting list at Yale.

I found out the birth date of the guy seated next to me, the only one I exchanged some words with during all flight, which resumed to “open the air vent/close the air vent”. I peeked when he was filling his visa form. Don’t worry, he was born in ’72 and his destiny number is 7. I’m only bothering my mind with 33s. And some very well-selected exceptions.

They kept my mosquito repellent at security check. Ooops. Apparently you are not allowed with aerosols at all, no matter if it only had 80 ml.. I was planing to buy a bio one anyway, because on those Cancun trips and in Puerto Vallarta won’t let you with them either.

I bought myself a local SIM with a lot of data included. But when I wanted to order Uber from the airport it was telling me I have to log in on the website and put my new phone number.. I gave up.. Too complicated :)) Actually I gave up when they said they sent me confirmation code on the previous number and I was too lazy to plug the old card in the back-up phone. And still haven’t done it yet.

But after some walking around the airport, searching for the best exchange rate, after changing into my walking clothes and after a coffee at Starbucks it was already 7 AM.

So I took the metro. Saved 100 pesos. I asked one security guy from where I can take the metro and he directed me to the dark-red buses, which connect between terminals, which dropped me just in front of Hangares metro station, where I caught the sunrise.

Then I was planning to walk to that Mirador from the Cathedral of Nuestra Santa Guadalupe, but on the square in front of the cathedral they were too many beggars which asked me for money and my carefree mood was gone. So I turned around, took metro back and got down at Hidalgo.

After walking more than 5 km on the city center’s avenues, with my cabin trolley behind me, at around 11:30 AM, local hour, I decided I critically need a bed – my back was hurting and I couldn’t tell my ankles from the rest of the leg. Luckily my reserved room was free so they gave it to me immediately. I jumped straight into a refreshing shower. Then I cuddled into the blanket. I set my alarm to wake me up in 3 hours, in case I will fall asleep and I will dream that I’m trapped and my body frozen and I can’t get back up..

Funny thing, the alarm rang when I was already back from Comercial Mexicana – 200 m from the hotel – and had all the food already eaten. Ok, most of it. Who could stay in bed in the middle of the day, on another continent?! The hair dried itself from the sun, I even pre-styled it with some spray sunscreen. But my back pain was killing me now. 😦 Luckily I had some Aulin packed in my medicines baggy, just in case, I had few of them left from when I had my upper wisdom tooth removed and they weren’t yet expired. The back pain and the emerging headache went away completely!

What else? Yeah, I was way up in the Latin-American tower. So cool to see all city, all 360 degrees, from the 37th floor. And even planes landing. Perks of having your airport so close to the city, yet not much fun now because I can hear them all from my hotel room.

Aa, before that, I somehow ended up in front of a small catholic church just when they started the “Christ’s Resurrection Day” sermon. I lit a candle and listened patiently for about 15 min, mostly because my legs were hurting already and I needed a place to sit somewhere in the shadow. I mean, honestly, catholic churches are more human-friendly than orthodox ones mostly because there is a lot of natural light inside and it is not smelling everything like incense. And they play Organ and they don’t make you to knee down for the whole lecture. Anyway..

Sorry, I declare this day over now, I’m brushing my teeth and Zzzzzz. I cannot keep my eyes open anymore. Hopefully tomorrow I will not wake up on CET (daylight saving) hour.

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