Day 2

So my day 2 started at 3 AM local hour and ended at 8 PM.. Ok, from 3 to 7 I stayed in bed reading stuff on the internet and having a pre-breakfast with the leftovers from dinner. I left the hotel at 7, outside was raining and coldish:


I took metro until Hidalgo and I started walking on the streets finding Paseo de la Reforma. I bought a latte and water and some cookie from OXXO and by fortunate accident I ended up here:

I was actually trying to walk on Paseo de la Reforma until Chapultepec. After getting lost in one series of intersections I got to the same Cathedral where I was yesterday:


And that’s when I asked someone in which direction is this Chapultepec and he showed me a bus in the station just in front of us which was going there. So I jumped in. And I jumped back down when I got to Angel de la Independencia.

And then I kept walking until I got into the Chapultepec forest and I started chasing squirrels. And then I visited the botanical garden and the lakes and I got lost until I got to a train stop. I got into it and it brought me back to the metro station.

And then I wanted to come back to the hotel, find some lunch, recharge my phone and run to Xochimilco.

To be continued, probably when I will find a computer, as this phone is not very much wordpress friendly. Or the other way around. I’m killing my eyes.


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