Days 3 & 4

So yesterday until airport I kept in bed resting and relaxing. I had an amazing scrambled eggs breakfast at the hotel. Then, in the early afternoon, I landed in Guadalajara. I got a shuttle from the airport which brought me until the hostel’s doors. I took my room in the hostel and then I went exploring and I stopped at one of the hostel recommended restaurants where I had some epic tacos. And that’s about it.

Today I woke up at 4, almost 5, I kept in bed until around 7, when I dressed up and went for a 1h before-breakfast brisk-walk to keep my heart healthy.

At 9, after breakfast, I borrowed a bike from the hostel’s garden, to which I had to pump a bit more air. Fun. It was squeaking from all bindings but it was ok. I came back barely-speaking-tired at around 12.

I had found an optics where I had a small fix for my glasses: when I cleaned them this morning one of the little legs that stay over the nose fell off so I had to replace them both.

Then I went for some quesadillas at a pub close to the hostel. I had some more walk, time during which my laundry was done.

Then, I left for another walk around the neighborhood, got to OXXO and bought a Oreo ice-cream cone. Yummy.

Ya.. so far I spent 4000 pesos (including the hostels). I guess I underestimated my eating budget, because I spent 1600 exclusively on food in only 4 days. But that’s ok: also my financial planning skills are in vacation. They deserve it. 😀

Tomorrow I’m planning the trip to Puerto Vallarta. The guy from the reception was so nice and he put me in the phone some codes for discounts with Uber. Looks like I’m finally going to use it for my first time, to take me at 5 AM to the Vallarta Plus bus station.

What else? What dreams? No, not interested in writing about those anymore, they were interesting, yes, but always the same plot and with such a precise frequency that I could probably make a calendar on them. Until something new shows up into my subconscious, no more. No.

So far no mosquito touched me, I bought a bio repellent from the airport terminal’s pharmacy and I used it in a quite big amount on my hat, purse and shoes. It smells so good, really!

But I do have some health issues though: my kidneys still didn’t come back to function at optimum capacity – honestly I don’t know where all the water goes (wrap the feet in cold water towels, you say?) and I have a rhinitis also, that I don’t know how to treat anymore. I’m alternating between paracetamol and aspirin but my nose is always either stuck either running. (Try Claritine you say, to rule out allergy? Hmm.. I even forgot I have it packed, so let’s try that also..)

Mexican people are so nice and so polite. At least the ones I had the chance to interact with, on the streets or in the public transportation left me only with good impressions.

Btw, did you know that in the Mexico City metro the first 2 cars from each train are specially designated for women and children?

What else? Yeah, in Guadalajara during the day there are 30 degrees Celsius, but feels like 35ish, as there is no single cloud or wind. In the morning it is a bit chilly though, just like in DF, 10-12 degrees, until the sun rises properly.

I’m holding a mental ceremony as a funeral for the tomato plants that I put outside in the garden before leaving, as they were last night all covered in snow. My Leo sent me pictures.

So that’s it for now. Stay tuned.

A.. pictures you can find on my instagram, mostly in real-time, as they are much easier to edit and upload than here. 🙂

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