Day 7 & Day 8

At my hostel now they are playing “Spin the wheel” or “The wheel of shots”, since so far everyone has won only shots. No “kiss a staff”, no “karaoke”, no “dirty dance”. (I peeked what was written on the wheel while I was having my plate of pasta). On the song “Zombie” from The Cranberries. Yeah..

I arrived from my trip one hour ago, a plate of dinner was waiting for me, I just had shower and laid myself in bed with a bottle of cold water under my feet. I would not go down to the party not even if you pay me. (Ok, I would, everything has a price :)) ).

So I didn’t recover my Vallarta hat, they said they didn’t find anything like that in the bus, that maybe somebody else took it. Sure, from under the chair, a dark-blue hat, in the dark… Anyway. I did a mistake for not putting it in the bag after taking it off my head, now I’m paying for it.

So, as I was saying: trip. Both yesterday and today I had two organized trips purchased from the Cancun Adventure website, operated by the Experiences Xcaret. Yesterday I had Chichen Itza Deluxe tour and today Tulum&Xel-Ha.

Yesterday in the tour we stopped first at the archeological site of the pyramidal bases (they say this is the correct description, as they are not geometrically pyramids, like the ones from Egipt).

After a discussion about the alignment of the planets, obsidian disks, eclipses and the long count calendar, we saw the mayan bees, which don’t sting, because they are needless and very small, and a fight between the male birds for mating with the best female around. :D.

Looks like someone won Karaoke. During which he mumbled something about a Jungle. It was “Land Down Under”. :))) The sound got distorted from travelling between the windows until my ears. And now somebody won a sexy dance. Yeeay! I hope it is a she, I have to see this. BRB.