Day 9

So I just bought my ADO bus ticket to the airport T2. Yeey. 72 pesos, not 150 as I paid for the bloody collective shuttle, in the way here. Tomorrow I’m leaving. :(((

What? I forgot to continue Day 7 & Day 8? It’s ok, I will tell you everything in person when we will see each other (again).

Today I was at Isla Mujeres… 19 dollars ferry way and return. Yeah.. Quite of an adventure. Imagine renting a bike and making the tour of the island, in the middle of the day under the clear Caribbean Sun and (for the last 5km) with the wind blowing like crazy from front. And with a bike that had only one speed. After each hill I had to stop to catch my breath, even if I was climbing it using my own weight, as in standing. Because sitting it was impossible.

I had a lunch of Pescado Tacos with guacamole, cream and pico de gallo. Yummy!! And a yummy refreshing lemonade with fresh mint. Best lemonade ever.

They might have been 20 km in total as there is a detour for the turtles aquarium. My arms and shoulders are pink-ish.. Don’t worry, I had hat all the time and I applied SPF45 every 1 hour. And I drank 1,5l of water, aside from the lemonade. And they still got pink. Not stinging yet, we will see after shower tonight.

Now I’m going to try a shot of Mezcal, with the saving that I got from the bus ticket. I have enough time to wake up until tomorrow at 9 right?

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