Days 10, 11 & 12

So Day 12 is today, I’m in train to Olomouc and then bus to Frydek Mistek. There are 2 degrees and raining in Frydek Mistek. In Cancun were 30.

So I left Cancun yesterday at 9 in the morning. Wait, that was technically 2 days ago.

Anyway, I arrived at the airport and I was not seeing my flight on the board. It’s scary when you don’t see your flight on the Departures board. And when the person at the info desk of that company is not aware of it either, but he said that, if my boarding pass was issued at the self-check-in point, then it should be ok, it will appear.

Ok, but which gate I have? After walking around for 30 min, in the terminal, I said “hmm, let’s see where these people are flying to, which other flights are there scheduled.” And this is how I found my flight, it was the first one on the board, “original departure hour 9 in the morning, delayed to 12:10”. Weird, 12:10 says on my ticket and boarding pass, the flight number is the same, so this one should be it.

Then, when I arrived in Mexico City, I had to switch to the International Departures terminal, for Aeromexico. I was directed towards the Aerotrain. It was so cool. A train whose rails were literally in the air, over the airport’s terminals, over the highway, hangars, buildings etc.

It was just how I dream, when I dream that I take an elevator and, instead of going up and down, it goes left or right and I can see everything below.

At first, the plan was to leave the airport and go to Coyoacan, to Fryda Kahlo museum. But then, I realized, by the time I will arrive there it might be closed already, as I knew it was open until 17. So I stayed in the airport. It was safer.

Finally, a moment also for relaxing in this trip, as it always felt I was under run. Don’t worry, by the end of the day I was still able to make my 8000 steps. Around 10000 actually. Probably 2000 only in the airport’s books store.

The flight to Paris was ok, the food was ok also, and this time it felt the air in the cabin was cleaner at arriving in Paris, than at arriving in Mexico City. If you know what I mean. The thing is, there are 9 seats per row in this type of plane, around 50 rows. All these people breathing the same air for almost 11 hours. They do give you a small kit with toothbrush and paste, so maybe more people used that kit this time, before going to sleep and at waking up. 😀

In Paris, at CDG airport, when I arrived in Day 11, at 17:40ish, I had to do the check-in again, as they couldn’t give me the boarding pass for this flight also, as it was operated by Czech Airlines.

It took me a while to move from terminal E to terminal D, to find the check-in and then the gate. And I had to pass through security scan 2 times…

And then I saw the flight is delayed.. 20:15 scheduled departure, yet 20:20 it was written on my boarding pass as “boarding at”. “Yeah, so at least 1h delay, I said to myself”. Reason for delay: late arrival of the aircraft. Lovely. This was my 8th flight in these 12 days. I knew they stopped giving a f** long time ago, for flights to Bucharest, for example, but to their own home, also? Yeah, it was 21:30 when we took of and arrived at 22:40ish.

And they didn’t even offer us a cup of water for free, they passed with some cart, but they were selling sandwiches and Marlenkas. And I was too sleepy to argue. Shame on you, Czech Airlines… In all my Interjet flights I had a can or a bottle of something and a bag of chips included and the tickets were much cheaper. 😀

When I was in the metro and reading the advertising boards I was like: “What am I (still) doing in this country? There must be some strong karma keeping me here”..

Did I mention that, in the whole PRG airport, there is only one exchange company, called itself “the leading exchange company”? No, dear company, you are the “monopolizing exchange company” and you offer some rates that make me puke and also adding commission to them. You should have seen how it was in Mexico City airport: so many companies, one next to another, that, at one point, I sold a 100 EUR for 2030 pesos, more than the google exchange rate. :)) To USD they were decent, from 1730 to 1800 (in my last day), and they didn’t even hear of the thing “commission”.

Luckily there was still someone at the reception at my hostel when I arrived at 23:45. I had written them, when I was still in Paris, that I will be very late, to not mark me “No Show”.

It was 00:30, Day 12, when I was in bed ready for sleep. And I did fall asleep quite fast, so adjusting back to my hour was easier, as I was very tired.

So that’s it folks. But you can still stay around here, even if for the next months I will probably write only about my dreams and my plants. Hope they are still alive. :). Yeah, and maybe start preparing for F7 exam in June. Or July. Or 2018. 😀 Sure, right after NeverSea. Can hardly wait.

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