Ok, now I’m obsessed with Kristina’s videos (and her long love with Nutella), in which she is telling the ugly truth about motherhood and parenting, in an hysterically funny way, although, seeing how she looks in her middle 30s, after giving birth to 3, makes me more depressed than I was when I started watching her.

So… barely now I may say that I got over the jet lag and got rested enough after my vacation on the other side of the Atlantic, just enough to feel that my brain is functioning at normal capacity. (11% from the total capacity :D)

When I arrived in the house, in the middle of the day on Thursday, the house was spotless clean, the kitchen was sparkling and even Bonnie seemed recently washed. So I only had to start the fire in the heating room and work, catching up with my emails, while the washing machine was busy with my two loads of stuff, from which the purse.

Yeah, I’ve thrown the purse also, along with the whites, because, after carrying it in that rusty basket of the bike on the Isla Mujeres and opening in and closing it million times, while having bio sunscreen and bio repellent even on my eyeglasses frames, it had all colors on it, except its natural white. Ok, beige. Yeah, in that corner it was a sauce of something, after two all-you-can-eat buffet lunches, in those 2 trips in Cancun, who knows what that sauce was?!

So, when I arrived home I used one plate, that, I left in the sink. For dinner I used another plate. And a bowl. And a glass. And a fork. And my Leo did the same, probably, also on Saturday and Sunday, so on Sunday afternoon the kitchen was looking as if it was devastated by an army of hungry Bonnies. But no f** were given.

Did I mention? On Friday I managed how I managed, by miracle, to wake up at 8:55ish, because I had to work, but on Saturday I slept un-turned for 13 hours! I didn’t even know this is possible, I didn’t wake up during 13 hours not even to use the bathroom.

So I woke up at 12ish… we drove to Tesco to buy food and I indulged in my crazy idea of making home-made mojito. Honestly, I only put two small shots of white rum in that big jar of crushed ice, mint leaves, lime quarters and brown sugar. A, btw, I cut myself 3 times in the exact same place of the big finger while cutting the lemon, but barely the third time I felt it. Actually I felt it right after wondering why the ice-cube, that I was trying to squeeze out from the bag, had pink stripes.. Anyway, the think is, I don’t know if because of the mojito or because of the half jar of Nutella, I was barely able to fall asleep at 2 something AM, on Sunday morning. After I surprisingly noticed that, now, Bonnie eats bananas also, as we shared one.

At 8 AM, on Sunday, my Leo was trying to pull me out of the bed by my legs. Unsuccessfully. I had a horrible headache. I begged in all known languages. He gave up. I woke up eventually, by the noise of the garage, when a car was trying to get inside. He was in the city alone and finished all his “errands” by the time my brain decided to wake up. Actually my brain decided to wake up barely after 1 Novalgin, 2 big glasses of water, 4 more hours of sleep and 1 Paracetamol.

Ice-cream and more Nutella for lunch. I made myself a chicken steak with broccoli, but I shared it half with Bonnie, as it required chewing. And who eats broccoli when you have Nutella? I had too little energy to waste on chewing. Around 5 PM I went upstairs to take a nap, which turned out to be the 2nd part of the Arrival. The movie that we started on Friday evening. Or was it Saturday? Or maybe Monday..

After these days of jet-lag, mixed with my natural head-in-the-cloud-ness, I even started to worry that I may have contracted an exotic disease that makes you sleepy all the time, so I searched it on the internet. Yeah, there is a disease, but not transmitted by mosquitoes or other bites, it’s called: post-vacation-depression. Or Je-m’en-fiche-ness. You know what, if I afforded to have a vacation in Mexico it means I have enough money to pay someone to wash my dishes! Pardon my Spanish.

The conclusion is: today at lunch I finally had something decent to eat. I made myself an omelette burger. 😀 unfortunately a piece of the omelette fell on the floor. I was ashamed for few seconds, because somehow, by miracle, the kitchen was spotless clean again! Leo cleaned it yesterday afternoon, he even washed the floor, so I had to walk in my socks when I prepared my dinner yesterday.

Anyway, the omelette from the floor. Sans fromage. The 5 seconds rule?! Maybe, if Bonnie wouldn’t have witnessed it also… But now it’s tricky: what he would think of me if I collect it from the floor and eat it?!

So I did something very bad. I invited him in the kitchen to eat the omelette from the floor and even lick it. I only had to wipe it after with a napkin. Spotless clean again. Except for the 3 small plates lying in there now, dirty of ice-cream. And 3 tea-spoons dirty of Nutella. No, we are still just 2 people in the house and I was the only one who ate Nutella.

I mean, as long as I have money the correct currency, to pay someone to wash the dishes and clean the floor, I’m not a bad person, right? 😀 😀

PS. Yeah, I know I don’t have any children so my attitude is not justified.

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