Above the boiling point

So he softly comes next to me, raising his hands towards my chest, with the obvious purpose of unbuttoning my shirt.

1 h before:

Me, my brain mush from all day of youtube and other useless sites, somewhere stuck between depression and despair, shouting, rushing on the stairs up:

– “Zubat! Zubaaaaat! NO, you cannot sleep yet. Ty nemůžeš ještě spinkat! Neee! What about me? I need to take a shower first, but I’m too sad to find the energy to stand in the shower. Tomorrow we definitely have to go buy the new tub and arrange also my bathroom upstairs. Are you sleeping??”

– “Please turn off the big light, you can turn on the nightstand lamp, if you want… to talk…”, he tried to mumble, while turning himself on the other side and pulling the blanket over his head.

– “Let’s talk. I need to talk to you…”

And then, on fast-forward, one hour of apparently useless exchange of lines, which passed also through the stage of me bringing the ultimatum of “engagement ring or let me go!”, was enough for reconnecting.

Yeah.. and then he throws the blanket away, stands up and while unbuttoning my shirt asks me:

– “Aren’t you hot? With cardigan, shirt and t-shirt?”

Me looking weird at him, thinking maybe he has some indecent thoughts.. preparing to attack to the imaginary offense.

– “I am just trying to help you cool down, it seems you got too much stuff boiling up in there.”

At this point I started laughing, hysterically, like those emoticons that roll over on the floor laughing. He’s good! I have to admit this. He found a button in me, that I had no idea it exists.

We decided we will go to mall tomorrow and I will go to hairdresser. One step at a time. It’s like, you cannot expect your man to sit in one knee in front of you while you have split ends. :blink-blink face, mouth whole shut, with crickets background:

Conclusion: it always comes a time in a woman’s life, when she stops wandering aimlessly around and shows the world that she found The One she would like to settle down with. In a new tub. At least, in this parallel universe. :blink-blink:

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