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You know how in the movies they’re moving some days/month/years into the future, when they don’t have what to show, because the characters need to face some things and evolve and move on, on their own, before being reunited again? Or they fast-forward, showing the characters either running, eating healthy for improving their figure, either supporting the walls or the doors, listening to the songs and eating the foods they shared together, while crying in despair. Either way, they are transforming.

Yeah… the problem is, in real life, something like this doesn’t happen. So you have to be present everyday, face the struggle every single day, every single hour, live with yourself 24/7. Now let’s say the drama is not really that big, let’s say I am just waiting for something exciting to happen, that I know will happen, at a specific date in the future. So I have to find something meaningful to do in the meanwhile. It’s like, this year, I’m plugged to a higher frequency of energy, which becomes unbearable if I don’t use it. Everyday. I feel I’m wasting my potential if I sit still, I need to keep myself busy with the most challenging projects ever, things I haven’t done before in my life. Find new limits for myself.

This week I had 3 days when I went to bed at 2 AM. 😦 I didn’t plan it, it just happened. I blame it on the full moon in Scorpio, which happened in my 1st house. (I must run my program and see exactly how often this happens). The thing is, I found something very captivating, which inspired me, mostly related to writing. Writing, for me, mindful writing, is an activity where time simply doesn’t exist. I forget to eat, to drink water etc, and then, I realize it’s 2 AM and I’m still not sleepy. It consumes me nonetheless, but in a pleasant way.

Sometimes I feel like it’s not even me writing, like if someone/something else higher than me it’s using my body to bestow knowledge upon our mortal’s dimension. I’m saying this, because I have times when I find myself writing things for someone else, that I wasn’t aware I know them. So writing reveals me, it makes me discover myself and it builds confidence in myself. It makes me realize how much I changed and how many things I learned, unconsciously, since last time.

Jupiter is coming back from retrograde on June 10th, currently transiting my 11th house, then (after saying “Hi” to my Mars, with maximum on August 1st) on September 1st, will enter into the 12th house, where it will stay until the beginning of December.

Last time I had Jupiter transiting my 12th House it was for just 3 & 1/2 months, from middle Sep to end of Dec 2005. And then it stayed in the 1st house for whole 2006. From middle Sep 2005 to middle Feb 2006 I was with scholarship in Spain, then, I got my first job, finished college, had my first trips with tourists around the country, started my master degree and moved alone in a rented one-room flat.

Now Jupiter will stay in my 1st house from Dec 2017 until the end of 2018…. And on Nov 12th, 2019 will be the maximum point of the conjunction with the 2nd house Sun. Cool.

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