Whatever.. I’m back

No place better than home.

Few days ago I started writing on Quora. I found it challenging. I wrote a lot.

First day, second, third it was cool, making me think, consuming my creative juices. It really kept me obsessed for few days, last weekend I went in a trip and I couldn’t put my phone away, even if I had no internet signal, I kept typing on my answer. I was really surprised by the traffic, I got about 1k views in just one week, what I usually get on my blog in 1 month. In a lucky month. I also got 15 votes, for my 30 answers. And I asked 6 questions. I got 2 answers. So until I will get at least 6 answers to my questions, I’m not giving them anything anymore.

Also, I feel that the resonance is gone. Now it somehow takes me energy, instead of giving me. First of all, the astrology topic (which interested me the most) had much more questions where they debated whether it’s real or a fraud, than actual astrology, specific questions. Ok, people. I got it. You are all right. In your way. And I still want to assume that it is real (not necessarily also believing it), it’s employing so many layers of my imagination, a refreshing escape from my daily life.

And then there are all the other topics, where at least 50% of the questions contain the word happiness in them. It seems the humanity has reached a stage when everybody wants to be happy. And now. Some ask even what to do to be happy after one year. I don’t know. You might even be dead in one year. So it won’t matter anymore. Nobody really knows.

There was a question from someone asking what to do to stop his happiness from being affected  by exterior factors. That was my masterpiece answer.

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