Imagine me

This morning we drove to Ostrava. Ok, I just sat in the right seat, he drove. I spent 4500 crowns.. and he bought just one light bulb. As follows.

The most important part is that I woke up with an unbearable emotional tension. Astrological coincidence: Sun transit conjunct my Chiron-Moon. I have another title for a book that I would like to write: “The guy I dreamed about last night just ran 17 km”. Epic title. I dreamed I was walking on a staircase, in an apartment building, I got to the 8th floor and I was wondering where is the door, when I suddenly saw that one of the doors was semi-open, the one from the left, as I was standing. So I told to myself that maybe he was expecting me, that’s why he left the door open so I won’t get lost.

I got in, I’ve been there tens of times, but somehow each time the setting is different, he showed up and I ended up on a couch, while he went to do something in the kitchen. He was in pajama pants. Then some other girl showed up, black hair, I invited her next to me. At the end we were 4 girls and he came with some tags, like some personalized invitations for a board game, it was some small red label, with an arrow on one end, but I didn’t see anything written on it, and he told me that in one of the following nights will be a game and that I don’t need to carry “my stuff” with me, as it will be imported automatically or something.

Then I went in another building, to “the second apartment” that my family has – that is also a recurring place in my dreams – and I was bringing a nice soft blue door mat for the entry. In reality my family never had a second apartment.

Ok, I woke up normally, the emotional tension started when it came to me the idea to buy a 1 room apartment in Bucharest. So I started searching for the offers, during coffee, I had even calculated how much interest and for how many years I would have to pay a credit.

Anyway,  I started feeling that I’m currently living in a puzzle that only has 2 pieces missing and another puzzle prepared itself on a white board, where only 1 piece was in its place, yet a very attractive one. Obviously I cannot match that one piece in my almost finished puzzle, as it is part of a different scenery. Long story short, by the time I got to Avion shopping part I developed a panic attack. I’m ashamed… Lucky I wasn’t alone.

So the first stop was in Tchibo. Here I managed to calm down to my senses. Bought yet one more active-wear t-shirt (this would be my 4th… none used for active stuff so far), a sports bra, finally I found something perfectly suitable for my body, and one new pair of running pants. And a pouch for the phone. Until next Wednesday still holds the excuse that I cannot run because I’m under antibiotics and the jaw is still swelled and bruised. But after I’ll have my stitches removed and after the team-building, nobody will stop me.

And then we went to Ikea. I bought myself a proper home office chair!!!!!! Yeeyyyyy. Finally! And I arranged my office space upstairs, so no more working from the bed anymore. I hope this will help me with my energy level management during the day and I will be able to fall asleep faster at night.

And then, after we ate and we were heading to the car, guess what: an open hair saloon just materialized itself in front of my eyes! 🙂 After how much I suffered two Sundays ago when I couldn’t find one open in Fydek-Mistek and I played cutting my hair and painting it myself, I got very upset, not because it didn’t turn out good, but because I felt one more time that everything is so unbearably hard for me here.

And then he wanted to look a bit also in Takko. He looked. I tried on and then I bought. A new pair of summer shorts, a lovely shirt and a flowers tiara:

I’m so happy for my new look:


So I may say that after today there is just one more piece of my puzzle missing.

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