Planet stuff

Saturn in transit, retrograde, is currently perfectly conjunct with my Sun. Will keep going backwards and then, in the middle of November, will cross the Sun again. It takes 29 &1/2 years for Saturn to make a full circle, so last time I had this I was in my 4th year of life.

That time was transiting in a close conjunction with Uranus and Pluto was also transiting my Ascendant. Poor child me. Actually that Pluto went back and forth over my Ascendant until I started school. I wonder how I survived that 😀

Now is back and forth over my Mercury, while also conjunct Juno. And Uranus is back and forth over my Juno, in 6th House. Such a memorable year this will be.

A, I found out, next time I’ll have full Moon in Scorpio (transiting my 1st house) it will be in 30th of April, 2018, over my Ascendant.

Later edit (after preparing and throwing in the oven the vegetarian lasagna that I made for dinner): OMG, I just remembered what I dreamed last night!! Barely now. It was a bit creepy.

So, I was in my home apartment with my mom, dad and brother, we were in the kitchen and through the window we could see a bright light that was approaching. We knew it was an asteroid that was about to hit Earth and kill us. It was heading exactly on our apartment, we had just few minutes left. I was at peace, telling to myself: ok, that’s it. Now we are going to die. I was not afraid or anything, I was just accepting. I was aware that I lived just thirty-few years but there wasn’t anything I could’ve done to stop the asteroid. I counted the last seconds, closed my eyes and covered my head.

But I didn’t die. It appears that even if the asteroid was heading to our place it wasn’t big enough to kill us, it even fell behind of the building. I went at the kitchen window and I was looking down and I could see the sky and the stars. Down. As if the sky was down, not up. I was looking and looking and then I noticed that actually the whole ground was covered with water and it was so peaceful that the whole sky was reflecting in it.

It was amazing. Yet also creepy, now that I think about it. Now I’m going to take apart all the elements and try to decipher it. 🙂 I hope it means good things.

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