Getting weird

Last night I had a lot of dreams. Or nightmares… I don’t get it, maybe I was too tired.. so today I skipped my running session, my left leg hurts also. I might’ve exaggerated my muscle flexibility when I was running with my eyes closed. Epic. Each time I was closing my eyes it felt like I was floating and as if someone was pulling me forward, faster and faster – really amazing.

I had my usual dream.. ahem.. whatever.. I don’t even remember all the details.. and then one session of lucid dreaming while I was walking, exploring one apartment. Yeah.. the same. But this time I didn’t see anyone inside, only at the end of a long corridor I saw a desk and a dog. And at the right side, in the end, it was a door. He was somewhat white-grey color, he was eating or drinking or something, next to the desk. It’s not easy with these lucid dreams. I’m still working to bring the people I know in a lucid dream like this.. adorable. :))

Nightmares? Yeah.. I dreamed I had cancer. 😦 And I was at my second session of chemotherapy. And my hair was falling off. But I wasn’t scared or anything, I was just accepting..

What really scared the crap out of me and I ran away telling to the person that she is insane.. was in another dream. What happened in it wasn’t really that much creepy, but the way how it happened repulsed me. It didn’t happen to me, it happened to the person next to me. So much hate in those actions… No, I cannot describe it.

And then some other weird thing happened, like, this person who creeped me out had a car accident and then started to dry out…  I told you I had nightmares.. And the even creepier part is that this person was the same from the first dream. The usual one. At least in my subconscious. Truly creepy.

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