Transit North Node conjunct Midheaven

Transiting North Node will conjunct my Midheaven with maximum on August 16th. And also the Sun will transit conjunct my Midheaven with maximum on the same day. Cool, huh?

On August 25th Saturn will turn direct, passing one more time over my Jupiter-Sun-Neptune from my 2nd House. As if my poor Sun didn’t become responsible enough by now..

Next time when NN will pass over my MC will be in March 2036. I will be celebrating (almost) 30 years of working at that time. The first time this happened for me in January 1999.

Next time I will have Saturn pass over my Sun it will be around my birthday in 2046. First time it was at the end of 1987 (when I had just turned 4..). Is it bad to say that one of the main things that keep me alive is my deep curiosity of experiencing all this Saturn cycle (one more time)? I would probably be soon to retire from work at that time. I would maybe even live on a different planet by then. Who knows?!

You know, a funny thing, they say to live each day like it would be your last. And then you wake up again. And again. And again. And again. And once again you’d have to swipe the shards of all the glasses that you broke while partying too hard the day before (metaphorically).

I think it would be much wiser to live as if you had to live also tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after. So you put the computer to sleep at 23:00 sharp each odd day (even if that finds you in the middle of one exciting Everwood episode) – respectively 22:30 each even day, because you need time for shower also – brush your teeth & go to bed, because you know you have a long working day tomorrow and the only person whom you’d be causing harm by wasting your night sleep is still you, because you will still have to do the same work load and being not properly slept it would only cause you frustration because you will not be able to focus at the optimum capacity and you will make mistakes and you will still be the only one who would have to discover them (months later) and fix them and your long term plans of advancement will be delayed one more time and you will have to do that excruciatingly manual and repetitive work yet again. And again. And again. Like the levels of Pokemon Go (sorry, I don’t have experience with computer games). Ok, now breathe. 😀

It’s funny. Looks like this Saturn transit managed to discipline me in a very reality grounding way. And not necessarily because of need, as, because of ambition. Yeah.

So why would I want to stress my future children with discipline from a young age? Has Saturn time enough for everything and everyone… at the proper time. I would only show them their map and that’s it, they’ll know what and when to expect. 😀

PS. Nothing exciting happens in Everwood. I started watching it because of Paul Wesley, exactly from that episode, from the middle of season 2, when he entered the series. But then I got captivated by Amy and.. what was the name of that dude, again? that one who speaks so mature for his own age and always pretends to play piano? Yeah, that one.. 😀 Exactly.


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