I’ll be here for you

Such a deep sentence. I wonder if the person who wrote it has considered all the depth that can be extracted from it. Anyway, I’d wish to lock in a jar all these little things and open them up whenever I feel under the weather. And under the water, also. Just like a security net, created by positive affirmations, through which I resonate.

I had such an intense day – from the work perspective, that I had forgotten what I dreamed about, until I listened to that song and the lyrics opened me up… into another dimension. A dimension where I allow myself to feel, even if I cannot afford the luxury to attribute them to me anymore, I think I can dive into a role for a while. I mean, in the end it doesn’t really matter from where the inspiration comes, if you can create something out of it. Impersonate unconditional feelings, on electronic paper. And I stress impersonate, so don’t associate anything from this post with me, as it seems to get even more exciting and I can’t be held responsible for the potential damages.

I got so used to these dreams that they’ve lost the element of excitement, they got too familiar, all extracted only through my own subconscious resonance, with no input what so ever from the other side. Although I do remember I woke up with a very interesting energy. Some energy that I felt seldom, after dreaming with that particular character. I might say it was even happiness, would you believe it?! So deep. So dramatic. So worth living for, even if it’s just during the night. Some might say. Because, as I wrote above, I cannot afford the luxury, for me, to still believe it. Although, I admit I was looking for such a deep song all morning, to match it with the dream, but it’s ok that I didn’t find, because I wouldn’t have done anything all day, should I have allowed myself to step inside, even deeper.

So now I remembered scene by scene, everything that I dreamed last night. And it was quite a lot. But I’m still disappointed, because I couldn’t memorize correctly (and remember) those numbers.. the apartment number and some other code, that I was trying to write in my phone memos, hoping.. Although something tells me I could match the door number with 599.

Ok, so I was in the building. I don’t know how I got there. There is actually a particular building and some streets that I always dream about, although they look nothing like the ones from reality. Funny is that I never even saw or been in the ones from reality.

Leaving aside what these things represent for me, I would really be curious to find out what are the interpretations of this dream, from a person who doesn’t know any of the history behind it, aside from the actual dream scenario, that I am comfortable enough to share below.

Ok, so at one point I got to the right floor. It was a long corridor with white walls, and a lot of white doors, all looking the same at the first view, although there was a bit dark so they looked more like grey. I got at the end of the corridor, where it was a balustrade with a big window that was showing outside and big flowers pots next to it, and, on my left side, I was able to match his name, although somehow distorted, with the door. Except that, instead of a normal home, it was a cafeteria 😀 Some sort of cafe-music place. It was called Cafe Nicole. Yeah.. this I do remember!…

And then I saw the news on TV and the owner appeared on the news, awarded as an inspiring person of the community, asking for donations to complete his project.

Yeah, and there was another scene. Before or after the one from above. Or maybe even in the same time. But I’m not gonna share that one. It’s like if I think I’m in love, I’m the only one who’ll ever know.

In another dream, a couple of weeks ago, he was so happy and excited and I asked him what happened recently that made him so vibrant and he told me that he finally found the bug in that AMOS… Imagine my surprise when I searched on google the next morning, as I had no idea what that is. And if it was really a thing at all. What is even more fascinating is that everything happens only in that small box, covered by my dark-blonde, bronzed hair.

PS. I just remembered something else, somehow, either in the papers from the Cafe or at the news I saw mentions that the owner was married. It gets even more interesting.. I pity my future dream interpretations therapist. 😀

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