5 years in CZ… and a wish

Yeah, exactly 5 years ago I landed on the Václav Havel Airport with a big suitcase and a backpack. I had bought a return after 3 months, in case I would not like it or they won’t keep me after the trial period. I still have the backpack, it’s amazing, I washed it countless times in the washing machine and it still looks perfect. I wonder if I still have that suitcase, must be somewhere in Leo’s storage room.

I remember Oana and Octavian were expecting me at the airport and then they took me to my accommodation. A place that I found on the internet and then Oana and Ale inspected on site and arranged with the girl there, 1 week or so, before my arrival. It was on Ruska street. They had a tom-cat that was always sleeping in my side of the dresser, over my clothes.

When I arrived I left my suitcase and I went with O&O to the pub next to the building and we ate something. I remember I had pasta with broccoli and chicken and garlic and I couldn’t even eat it all, I brought home half of it. And I had a pivo. And Oana was teaching me how to read the stuff from the menu: polevka, omachka, prilohy… My first words in Czech in the first month were the foods.

And then at the end of October the trial evaluation came. She told me they were not satisfied with my performance, but that he recognized my potential and voted for me to give me another chance, another 3 months trial. I had a one week vacation in Ro after that and it felt so weird. Aa.. and I was also a bit crazy, I combined that week with 3 days in London, in November, because I got pissed of by the fact that a plane ticket to Prague from Bucharest, by CSA or Tarom, was more expensive than to fly to London and then from London to Prague, by Wizz Air.

Looking back at that time, I was feeling like a double outsider – desintegrated from RO but not integrated in CZ either. I mean, the work requirements were not that difficult, objectively speaking, is just that I was getting distracted so easily by the other people around. In the first month I had a crush on the Taurus guy, then on the Libra guy, then on the Scorpio guy..  each time I was forgetting what I had learned until that point…

The problem in the first 3 months was that I needed a lot of space to figure out what’s happening and I was so drained by everything, so I had no more power to do anything to change that. I was sharing a room with a Russian student whose favorite house clothes were an unbuttoned shirt and a bikini. I’m very serious. She was making me feel pretty uncomfortable. And I was paying 5000+internet, because apparently it was near-centre location.

Anyway, somehow, at the beginning of December things started to shift according to my needs. At one point it looks like a perfect storm happened. Oana told me that there is a free room in a flat in Stodulky. Oana, you were my life-savior, I will be forever grateful. It was literally 7 min away from Nove Butovice.

I stayed there 1 year, 5200 per month (all utilities included). And then, in the tram home, after the Christmas Party of 2012, Leo kissed me. Then I moved to the new place, in my own room and I took the opportunity of the winter vacation to review all my training notes and when I came back to work I started meeting all the expectations, one by one, like magic.

In February 2013 I visited Leo’s lair, in Přírodní. It was taking us 1 &1/2h to commute by public transportation between our places. Until December 2013, when the project which brought me was in the process of terminating and I was offered another position in a different project, this time in Chodov. So I decided to take all my stuff and move to Leo, because it was also much easier to go to office from there, although I was physically there just 2-3 times per week.

But don’t worry, the hardship didn’t end, apparently in Leo’s lair meat and eggs were prohibited… I accepted it, more like a challenge. Which, combined with working from home, was a very bad combination on my metabolism and suddenly one day I noticed I’m 12 kg more than when I arrived in CZ… which I managed to lose back in the first half of 2015… thanks to myfitnesspal and runkeeper and to the person from which I got inspired to use these apps.

In May 2014 due to family events Leo had to move back to his home town. So now I ended up commuting between Frydek-Mistek and Prague… I was 2 weeks there, 2 weeks there, more or less. Until June 2015, when I decided that I had enough of moving around and I closed the renting of the Prague apt and I moved here. I like to call it Mystic Falls.

But don’t worry, the trial still didn’t end, considering that first 4&1/2 months from 2016 I spent in hospital…. Yeah, and then I had another 1/2 day visit for a procedure with general anesthesia in November…

But then… somehow… 2017 came. And somehow the positive storm started to come back. I flew over the Atlantic, alone. And I had my feet in the Pacific, in Puerto Vallarta and in the Caribbean Sea at Isla Mujeres and Tulum.

And then team-building came, one day trip, 20 km walking and hiking. And that team-game with the cards. Legendary! We are such a great team, even if we see all of us together barely a couple of times in a year.

And 3 months later, which is now, I’m kept awake at night by the idea of flying to Argentina next spring, for 3 weeks. Making totally realistic plans.. 1225 EUR the plane ticket to Buenos Aires with Aerolineas Argentina. And then local flights to Bariloche and Puerto Iguazu. They have hostels there also, at least in these 3 places I want to be, 15 eur/bed. Food, let’s aprox 30 eur/day. Ok, I would like to see also Santiago and Montevideo, since they are there close, at the throw of a stick, relatively. 😀

And Ushuaia, the so called “at the end of the world”, in the southern hemisphere. With a small stop at Los Glaciares. But I really don’t want to do all that alone and Leo already said no… So now I’m praying for the Universe to send me someone who would like to be my travel companion to Argentina. I speak Spanish fluently btw.

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