Me pidió que viniese a verte y que hablase con voz

… Cambio dolor, por libertad… ta-na-na.. Que me ayude a continuar..

I started watching Muñeca Brava again.. even if I have probably seen some scenes more than ten times. I love them, they are so funny. And so weirdly skinny… when I was 16-17, when I saw this telenovela for the first time, I was like that also, so I was not noticing it, but now I see it like such a big difference, that, if I had to say which male figure I like, now I would pick Ramoncito, the rest are such children.. I’m now at the episode 192. (I mean I fast-forwarded until the interesting part). They started showing more and more of Rafaga singing at the disco and I have just remembered Gilda.

Anyway… I’m in the process of arranging my trip to Israel and I might have to learn few more words than Shalom and Mazel Tov. I knew also Aleph, some time ago, I even remember that I had learned how to count until 10 in Hebrew. Or was that Arabic? Wait. I know more words in Hebrew, I know also Kama and Ahava :). I wonder if I really had a previous life there, so I’m going to search for more clues, as long as I’m still 33 – the perfect age to visit that place. It’s this song, brings such intense feelings, it makes me cry and smile in the same time, it’s unbelievable. I have just booked my hostel and the flights, I can hardly wait.

The title is what Padre Manuel told Mili in one episode and my ears reacted at this alternative form of the imperfect subjunctive, which I needed to write down for posterity. I noticed that when I write in Spanish I alternate between the two forms, so maybe I’ll need to stay on just one of them.

I wonder what the Bible says in Hebrew, how different is from the version that I was studying in school during the classes of religion. Maybe I should start reading it. But it’s so weird, even passing over the fact that they read from right to left, it’s still weird. They do read from right to left, right? or left?!

A, I know also Bat Mitzvah – I learned that while watching Everwood.

Ha, I even have a category of posts in this blog with the name in Hebrew.

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