North Node transit to 9th House

Now that the 10th house is left satisfied, after an intense effort for the past twenty something months, I’m slowly moving my focus for evolving also into the 9th House. Here I will have North Node transit for the next almost 2 years. Which is cool, considering that my natal South Node is in Sagittarius. It may mean something like a spiritual-rediscovery or the re-assurance that I am on the correct path of evolution by holding on my current spiritual beliefs.

Jupiter also entered in transit in my 12th house – which already started having a visible and productive manifestation, for which I’m grateful. I see good things coming in this direction, especially during the month of October, when the Sun will be transiting also the 12th House.

And my progressed Sun is just about to enter Aquarius – which means the focus of my sagittarian ego is moving from capricornian endeavors to more aquarian ones. Which means a bit more uranian energy will be incorporated into the mix of the current jupiterian – saturnian flow. What would this mean? Maybe that I would start to become more spontaneous, enthusiastic, adventurous, humanitarian and less anxious, depressed, pragmatic and materialistic. Maybe.

Yeah, so I acquired a new passion: to learn Hebrew. It fascinates me that this language doesn’t have numbers, only letters, and, from what I discovered so far, their words have a weird system for adding vowels. But I’m not curious into this as a way of finding a new practice, I’m very much reluctant to any ritualistic practice for that matter (because I strongly believe in the freedom of the soul – as a small piece of God – to manifest itself at all times in our daily life, no matter what we are doing), but more towards developing my general knowledge and fine-tuning my common-sense.

I’m trying to get to the bottom of it all, from where it started and with which purpose. I’m only hoping to understand in more depth what is right and what is wrong and what is good and bad, for me, at a personal level and also for the society based on peace, kindness and tolerance, towards which (at least I’m hoping) we are all aspiring. And yes, I am aware that there are various academies where people are studying these things for whole life-times and whole centuries and they still haven’t reached a consensus.


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