The Healing Moon :)

Previously in “The Healing Moon” (everything what I was capable of inventing all these years, since I wrote the first chapter in 2010):

  • Meredith is the actual partner of Jason, with whom she had a baby boy named Michael
  • Meredith was the pediatrician of Jason’s girl, Josie, the one he had with Moon
  • and he had to raise alone for a while
  • until Moon got resurrected again, because the angels saw that Josie was suffering too much without her mom and started to lose the contact with reality
  • Moon was pregnant when she died, but when she came back to life the baby was still there, it was a baby girl they named Lia
  • Moon is raising both daughters alone now, with the help of the angels
  • Klara is a former colleague of Jason, from the time he is was living in Germany
  • now Klara lives and works in Mexico
  • Tara is one of Moon’s close friends, with whom she was sharing her stuff, in the period when Jason went missing

Ok, so the thing is, apparently Jason had some fortunate time to do some meditation and try to solve a part of his life’s struggles and he started to remember the good times he spent in the company of Klara. He became curious to see what happened in her life since they haven’t seen each other and, when he found her blog, in German, he was shocked to realize that Klara never managed to get over him.

And this is how he slowly started to open up and talk with Moon about her. And then he wrote her a comment on her blog that “obsessions are not good”.

Ok, ok, I didn’t figure out the plot of it entirely, but what will happen is that Klara starts chating with Jason and at one point Jason writes her:

“I didn’t want to keep contact with you during all these years because I wanted you to grow in your life without the fear that you are ever owing something to me. I helped you when I knew how, but I couldn’t intervene more, there were some things that you had to live through just yourself, alone, although it wasn’t easy for me not to contact you.”

Klara remains speechless when she reads… she starts typing but she doesn’t know what to write, nothing seems appropriate enough with what she actually feels. Then she sees another message from Jason:

“I was afraid that, if I had ever contacted to tell you I do miss you, you would take the first flight back and give up everything you’ve built so far.”

And then Klara finally replies:

“Yes, you are right, I did think about it this way at the beginning, I was honestly hoping for you to give a sign that you want me. But since you didn’t, for so long, especially after I found out that you got married, I tried to do something with my life also. Now I would definitely not fall for something like this, I did move on, even if I sometimes like to fantasize over the opposite of this, just for fun.”

And Jason replies: “I love you”.

Klara disconnects.

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