I’m a “student” again 🙂 – officially enrolled in a Romanian school, that I didn’t even know exists, until 1 month ago, when I got inspired.

So, for my first homework, I need to find the planets which are the most powerful, respectively the weakest, in my chart, based on their position in the signs. There are like 4 pages of text with instructions on how to do it, in the lesson 6, but I’m going to use my program. Actually it’s going to be a nice exercise of controlling if the program is doing it in the same way.

So, the planets are the most powerful when they are at home, in their sign. Pretty simple here, I already know I have Jupiter and Pluto in Domicile, which means they are the most powerful. Yes, the program has the same opinion. And then it says Moon is the 3rd. Moon?! Aaaa.. it’s because in Taurus is in Exaltation. And 4th is Venus?! But she is in Scorpio, in Exile, wasn’t this the worse possible? So, if my 4th planet is already in Exile, I’m afraid to look further in which kind of Spiritual Prisons are the rest of my planets.

Yeah, so the weakest one is – let’s follow the instructions – I have Mars in Libra, in Exile and Mercury in Capricorn, which is… Peregrine. Amazing. Considering also the aspects column, I literally have the War planet the weakest in my chart. And they call ME aggressive. 😀 😀

Actually – even if it is not asked – I would do the above analysis also for the houses in which my planets fall, because, after the experience I got so far, I seem to resonate more with the Houses than with the Signs. Unbelievable. I only have Mercury conj III cusp, so I could call this one the most powerful, in Domicile. The rest are either Peregrine either Fall… But it does make sense: I currently earn my living by working as an Analyst. Who knows, maybe in 20 years, when we will live in Space and money will have no value there, I will get to work also with those higher frequency energies of Jupiter and Pluto.

And then part two of the exercise is to do the same analysis on a person from my “entourage”. But this is private stuff. Quite insightful, though.

Which makes me think – I’m curious to find which is that frame of time when Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all in Domicile. Can you imagine what powerful personalities these people must have? Later edit: funny, but it turns out this is actually impossible.

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