Light and Sidereal Days

Why didn’t I become an astrophysicist? I would’ve probably been able to understand faster the concept of the Sidereal Day. Ok, I get it, it’s the amount of time needed for the Earth to make a full rotation around its axis, but relative to the fix stars that are far far away from Earth, in the way that the whole Ellipse made by the Earth while it’s rotating around the Sun, appears just as a dot from that star.

And with those approximately 4 min, that are gained each day due to the Sideral Day being just 23h and 56 min, can we say that the Earth, relative to the fix stars, is making 366 days each year? Which means that each 4 years, the Sidereal Clock actually gets 3 days ahead? So in 80 Sun years (somewhat average to a human life) we actually live 80 years and 2 months in Sidereal Time?

So what Sidereal Year is now? Well, actually it looks that the difference between our year and the Sidereal Year is just of 20 minutes. So in 80 years we gain just… around 27 hours. Yeah.. that’s why I don’t get it. Time has become so relative these days..

And this is how I got to the conclusion today, while having dinner, that actually Light is the 5th Dimension. Now I need to understand what I actually mean by Light. I mean, maybe, the lifespan of one cell of light – a photon. Yeah, it’s getting more and more interesting.

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