How do you measure a Parallel Universe?

Ok, so 3rd dimension is a cube, which, moved in time is a timeline. A cube on 29.09.2017 and then the same cube on 30.09.2017 and then on 01.10.2017, is the same cube, but older :D. If it’s made out of plastic, the difference might not be visible not even after years.

So, this cube, from the beginning of time until the end of time – is the 4th dimension. At least this is how much my head took me. And then I was imagining copying all of this and pasting it somewhere more on the top-right. To create some effect of space representation.. OK, ok, you know how a Tesseract looks like – so imagine a network of Tesseracts. Or, I don’t know if this is the proper way to call them, but I have just drawn one on my scrapbook.

So, my question is, the parallel cube, the one that lies one 5th dimension unit away, exists also in 29.09.2017? No, it doesn’t, because this means it is the same cube from the beginning. So it needs to exist in a parallel time. Like for example, in the 4th dimension we have days, hours, minutes, seconds, whatever, years… all of these are quantified. I want to know how parallel universes are quantified. Maybe if we knew how they are called – their coordinates – we could access them. Yeah, I know it’s very simple if you have a Tesseract, but we haven’t built it yet.

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