One month later – THM

Klara is back online. 🙂

– So, did you have enough time to meditate?

– Jason!, Hi. … Meditate?!

– Yeah, about what I wrote you last time. That obsessions are not good.

– Jason, you don’t even know me. Seriously, you have no idea what has been going on in my life since the last time I saw you. I doubt you had an idea at all, even when we were seeing each other… in classes. More or less. You got stuck on something that I told you, something that happened almost 10 years ago and you just cannot see anything else aside that. And you come to me with the thing that obsessions are not good.

– ?!

– Yes, you don’t know anything at all about me. You know actually this makes me feel disappointed. I’ve been living in an illusion and you in an obsession. I always had this feeling of warmth coming from you, as if you were aware of everything that I was doing, I mean, in the good way, like watching me in a form of a guardian angel. Now I realize, maybe, the one that was guiding me was one of Moon’s angels. Btw, how is Moon, is she ok?

– Leave Moon aside from this, please. I mean, seriously, you were dreaming of me guiding your steps, you know I have my own life also.

– So then why we still continue having this conversation? It’s late and I want to go to bed.

– Oh, yeah, I forgot you’re 7h behind me.

Or ahead. Actually I lost track which one of the two characters was in Mexico.

– But seriously, Jason, I don’t know what you want from me. People do grow up, it’s been 10 years, move on. (Ok, actually it’s been 9, but Klara was rounding up for dramatic effect). I mean, have you even seen my Linkedin profile, just out of curiosity? I started watching “The Good Witch”. I think I found my role-model, what I want to become in the next 10 years.

– Got it, blonde girl. Actually this is what I do remember about you and smile, I remember how blonde you were. Cassie is quite the opposite of blonde..

– You know Cassie? 😀

– Of course, I’m at season 4 already.

– What?! But they didn’t even start filming for season 4.

– Well, I guess you understand where I am, now. Where I stand in your life, as long as I can see your future, what’s the point in being up to date with your past? Do you even remember how you got that job in the first place?

– Good joke. Sure, now you are trying to charm me, I thought the shoes of the angel I was seeing you were too big for you to walk in them so you rejected the role I offered you.

– Cassie… a, sorry, Klara – I was just trying to get to know you. I mean, if Cassie is not the perfect peaceful character, I don’t know who else might be.

– Good night Jason. Kiss Meredith from me 😉

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