When Jupiter and Saturn work together

[…] It’s because, by using the usual methods of recording it, one is already missing the first 2 weeks. So I’m starting today, which is the real day+1. I mean, the difference between divine inspiration and self-delusion is a touch of practicality, right? Or maybe they are all combined, until a certain point, with a bit of miracle also.

In the past years, in my adult life, I was advised to keep my (innermost) wishes to myself because others might jinx them. But when I wish for something with all my heart, only hearing this would make me feel bad. My wishes usually come true when I’m sharing them, it’s like I’m already making them real by naming them. And why would anyone want to live in a world where your wishes can be negatively affected by others? Even believing that they could do this, it’s like sabotaging your own power.

And even if one may like to believe that it’s not, it really is a competition. But not in the openly aggressive way that you think about it, like in sports, in this case, it’s more of “a peaceful warrior” competition. The challenge (and the price itself) is to manage to keep your inner-calm through all the adversities and always keep sustaining your head over the water.

I’m only talking about a version of a possible future, which I’m not seeing yet as a straight line ahead, I can only imagine what would be possible and I’m mesmerized by that composite Sun conjunct Venus in Libra, trine Uranus. And Jupiter+Saturn+Mars+Pluto in Sagittarius, sextile Neptune (and trine Leo Moon). Epic would be even one week later when also Mercury will be conjunct Sun and Venus. I read somewhere that composite Sun+Venus+Mercury is “the most understanding and loving relationship of your life”.

And I am aware that this is just for learning what it might possibly be. I’m not changing anything that I’m not supposed to since my will counts for at most 33% from it. Because each one of the parties involved gets to have the right to a free will. And when you wish for something that you know it’s not falling completely into your control zone, you have no choice than to believe in miracles also.


5 thoughts on “When Jupiter and Saturn work together

    1. Stefania Post author

      :))) wow, n-am mai primit un comentariu cred ca de 5 ani :)))
      pai daca spun cum am ajuns la 33% devine prea evident despre ce am scris. poate o sa spun peste 280 de zile.

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