About drivers, rulers and ghosts

Found something funny regarding the ruler of the 12th House in 2st House: “you’re a part-time ghost hunter or channel”. And about my ruler of the 12th House in 1st House (Venus, in my case): “you have a ghostly countenance”. More here. I like this site, it has so many combinations of words for each of the aspects, to be inspired from.

They say that the Sun is the Driver, the Ascendant is the Vehicle and the Ascendant’s ruler and its house is where we are going. Cool.

And then this part with the Houses’ rulers I find it amazing. Finally, something that is putting the pieces together, but in a way that are still usable to create your own chart’s puzzle. For example, Sagittarius Sun in 2nd House: “Earning a living in a foreign country”. Neptune in Sagittarius: “dream explorer”. Ruler of the 3rd House in the 1st House: “Talking, writing, singing, gossiping, and diary writing are a part of our personality.” Ruler of the 2nd House in the 2nd House (Jupiter): “You earn money by being involved in finance.”

Ruler of the 5th House in 2nd House (Neptune): “Drama, theater, music, art, dance and sports are all ways to make money and pay the bills.” and then “You expect your children to help pay the bills.”. Ok, this one is funny.

And that’s it, for now, I have one episode of Outlander to finish.

Ok, ok, one more. Ruler of the 1st House in 12th House (Pluto): “Your self-expression is focused on helping people acknowledge fears in order to bring them to light.”

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