Jupiter transit conjunct Ascendant and other stuff

So this happens only once in 12 years: I’m gonna have Jupiter transiting my Ascendant, starting end of next week and making tight contact for about one month also with the natal Venus and natal Saturn, then on March 9th will turn Retrograde and will go back up until 1 degree to my Ascendant, when will turn Direct, on July 10th. Then, while traveling my 1st House, on Nov 9th, 2018 will enter Sagittarius. And on Jan 1st, 2019 after saying Hi to my natal Uranus, will enter my 2nd House, where it belongs, in the House that is governing. 🙂

“There can be a tendency to put on excess weight during this transit.”, says CafeAstrology. Yeah, I wonder how much more, considering how much I got this year already. I can only hope this time will be for a good purpose. Yeah, I’m dreaming.

Last time I had Jupiter transit conjunct my Ascendant, I was with Erasmus in Spain. But I cannot separate what part of that was Jupiter’s energy and what was Pluto’s transiting conjunct my Sun, as it felt everything was so bitter-sweet. I did grow up a lot in those months! And it took Pluto 10 years to get to my 3rd House, but not after having overclocked my Mercury (conjunct) and Mars (square) for the past 2 years… as if they weren’t enough challenged by being in a square in the natal chart. Honestly, I’ve been dreaming for so long, for this time when Pluto will enter my 3rd House.

So from the beginning of 2018, when Saturn will finally leave my Sun-Neptune in peace, I’m expecting things to go back to “normal” and to feel that I’m really living on this Earth and not just surviving through a long-term celestial transition. Ok, there will be another small bump in the road, during Jan-Feb 2019, when Saturn will get to “meet and greet” my Mercury-Mars thing.

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