I discovered in Tel-Aviv

  • A full circle rainbow & The Motto of Tel-Aviv:

The first thing we learn in school about rainbows is that they are formed on the opposite side of the sun and you cannot capture both the sun and the rainbow in the same picture. But turns out you can (ok, it’s called Sun Halo and Circumzenithal Arc) I discovered it when I went walking on the first morning, just above the hostel:

  • Many interesting flowers:
  • The Al-Bahr Mosque tower and Tel-Aviv seen from Old Jaffa:
  • Palms, Skyscrapers, planes and the Tower of the old Mosque:


  • A lovely tiny shy Crab (for which I patiently waited some minutes to gather the courage to get out):
  • Things I dare you to decipher:
  • The Gate of Faith, “Briza Marii” (sculpture made by an artist born in Romania), the Zodiac Fountain and the amazing colors of the interior of the St Peter’s Church:
  • My Lunch, the Rainbow building and the Altalena memmorial stone:
  • My pink new shoes (and how fat I became this year):
  • The Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea (not to brag, but admit the picture of the boat is breath-taking):

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