Have faith, everything is going to be ok :)

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post with the title “also fat and ugly people have the right to feel good”.

I mean, is not easy to say this, but I feel like I have a karma for getting fat, more than just a genetic predisposition, so that I can understand what overweight people live through.

It’s my third time already when I find myself with 10 kg more than what I should “normally” have, for my height. What makes it harder this time is that I lived through all these kg, I was seeing how they were stocking up day by day, but I couldn’t do anything about them, I was busy with achieving something else, which consumed me more than I had imagined, when I set that goal for myself. And when I achieved that goal, I noticed I was already caught too deep in a negative emotional state of mind.

Being this the third time, it means I succeeded 2 times already to get back to the good weight and I can say that (for me) 90% of a successful diet is emotional balance, 9% is mental balance, 1% is timing. And the rest is food and sport. 😀

But the biggest problem is that “the 1% timing” needs to come first. The moment when the stars align. It’s an alchemical process that changes everything: the click. That flash of visualization, that everything is going to be ok, no matter what.

That moment when you become aware (again) that everything is going to be ok, even if you say NO.

In Tel-Aviv I met a lady that truly impressed me. Long, curled, blonde hair, perfect smile and a very radiant face. Professional psychotherapist and astrologer. Overweight, but in the right places, very feminine. My face literally dropped when she told me she is 64 years old and she has a daughter almost my age. How I met her? She was occupying the bed behind me, in the same dormitory. 🙂

We exchanged charts, I commented hers, she commented mine, and for a moment I had such an amazing feeling that I was seeing a future version of myself, with good and bad. It was so amazing to see a human being, flesh and blood, in front of me, speaking fluent astrologish. She said she is traveling continuously for the past 5 years and doing remote consultations. I found it amazing yet also very scary, not having a fixed home anymore.

Among some spiritual advice, from which, how to take care of my (dominant) 5th chakra, she told me I might have Vitamin D deficiency. I don’t remember exactly what I was telling her in that moment, but this advice did surprise me, as I never thought of this. And just the second day I forgot about it. And when I came back from Israel I caught a cold. Again. This is what happens when you come from 22 degrees to -5.

Today I was at my general practitioner, for the follow-up after my mandatory preventive blood analyses. The first thing he gave me was a prescription for Vitamin D, saying that this is the reason why I’m catching a cold so often.

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