… “into the water”

Yeah, after a stop for the performances from X Factor Romania, I came back to this song.

I don’t have much to write today, I kinda feel all over the place, I just wanted to share that yesterday I ended up having lunch and also dinner at the restaurant, by cause of ineffective communication of plans. I blame it on Mercury Retrograde :D. Lunch at Tom’s at Olesna and dinner at Jiny Svet (fancy one).


And I also cleaned all the house – upstairs in the morning and downstairs after lunch – and I made a symbolic Christmas Tree (We reached a compromise, as Leo wanted no tree at all, for reasons of his own.)


Did I mention on my birthday I will have New Moon conjunct my Sun? And transit Venus conjunct Jupiter and transit Jupiter conjunct Venus. And retrograde Mercury conjunct South Node. I’m still searching for interpretations for these.


One thought on “… “into the water”

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