Your Heart back

I started watching “Once upon a time”. OMG, I love it so much, episode by episode I’m getting so much into it! I don’t know why I didn’t start it by now, it’s running for over 6 years. Yeah, maybe because there is a timing for everything.

It brings me so many revelations with things that happened in my life or in my previous lives. Ok, I’m trying to create a mystery story here, I need to add drama, bear with me, even if you think you don’t believe in previous lives. Thanks.

So, I was thinking, if in a previous life I was the Bad Queen that took the Huntsman’s Heart, what would I have to do to give it back to him? I was searching on Google but nobody seems to get my question correctly: I don’t want to give him space, I don’t want to win his Heart for him to come back to me, I just want to give his Heart back, completely, the one that supposedly I took. So he could have a Heart too and be completely free from me. And I would stop dreaming about him.

My intuition already got me an answer. But honestly, that I couldn’t do. Not because I don’t have enough sacrificing spirit in me (and I already know that it is not appreciated anyway), but because it is literally insane, I mean we have to make a difference between fantasy and reality and, for the time being, I couldn’t live without a heart, if I were to give it to you. You have to have your own, somewhere hidden in this universe.

Or find another solution. A, wait, I already said we should not confuse fantasy with reality here, so realistically the ability of feeling love, is not dependent on the physical organ called Heart. So I guess it will work! I can fix it, I just have to find out exactly how. Maybe I will dream about it. 😀

Yeah, this is what Saturn transit conjunct to natal Neptune does. Blog posts like this.

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