2018 (year vibration 11/2; personal year 5)

Last week I found a Language School in Frydek (actually it was recommended to me), I went there and I talked about the possibility to start following Czech for foreigners and continue with my German (at this point I would sign up even for an advanced English class, only to get out from the house more, plus I am aware that my acquired English grammar skills might not be entirely correct). It would be great if these will materialize, if they will have groups suitable for my current level starting January.

And I don’t know what else to write, I haven’t been in moods for writing lately, it’s weird, I don’t even know how these days passed, since Wednesday when I started the vacation I have been sleeping at least 10 hours each day and still feel depleted of energy.

Yeah, it’s hard after a certain age to keep finding (realistically achievable) things that excite you. It feels like I lived so much lately, I need to rest, mostly mentally.

2017, which was a 22/4 personal year for me, was a high energy draining year (thank you, Saturn!), but I did achieve significantly great things in it:

  • I used my new passport when I flew over the Atlantic for the first time, had my feet on another continent aside from Europe, also into the Pacific and in the Caribbean Sea, saw the Chichen Itza and many others;
  • had a road trip with Leo in the summer, from Frydek-Mistek until Campulung, in the new car, through Balea Lake and then also to Never Sea by train;
  • achieved promotion again at work, 3 years after the first one (which I actually consider the 2nd one, I consider the 1st one when I was transferred to the Czech Republic);
  • I used my passport for the 2nd time, for a trip to Israel, where I touched the Mediterranean Sea from the other side and also the Dead Sea, I saw the first Sun Halo ever in my life, I saw the tomb of Jesus and many others;
  • I grew my own tomato plants and ate tomatoes from them; also had many other flowers, few of them being already in small pots at 2nd generation; bought even an olive tree and after I came back from Israel I noticed it had bloomed;
  • I signed up for Astrology School, online, in Romanian. Although I couldn’t catch up with all the material so far (as I had signed in for all 3 modules + numerology), I discovered so many interesting things which filled my blank spots – the most important one being the Ethics module.
  • I put on 8 more kg than what I had last year at this time.. yeah, where do you think all this new information is being stored for processing?!
  • other things, that I should not give too much importance to them.

Long story short.. dear blog, dear readers, keep safe, see you next year! Hmm, 2018 is like 2009, numerologically speaking, what bad things I did in 2009 (thinking of trying to fix them)?

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