So I bought myself a Treadmill

I had the idea on Christmas day, I did intensive research for 2 days, I convinced Leo to drive us to shop, 15 min away, I tested it there and purchased it on 27th.

It was delivered home, into the room, on 29th, it weights 97 kg, so it took a bit of skills for Leo and me to put it together into place. We had previously turned upside down the whole living room down stairs, I literally replaced the couch – that dark hole that was eating most of my left-over stamina, after work – with the treadmill.

And I also gave up that computer, I decided not to install it back into place, so now I can eat in peace every time and concentrate on eating only. Besides I have tablet and phone for Facebook and such and Netflix and YouTube work also on the huge flat screen from upstairs.

I also started using again myfitnesspal and following through diligently, coming each time with new ideas to combine my foods in order to have, in average, around 1200 Net Calories per day.

I mean, to eat healthy, 3 meals at +/- fix hours, plus 1 or 2 snacks, there are so many things that you can include in just 1400-1500 calories per day. I usually plan the menu for the whole day in the evening before, so I will not be caught craving other stuff. I focus on what I can eat and not on what I cannot, but actually I can eat pretty much anything, as long as I combine them in a day, into the target values.

I was waiting to write this until I had enough time testing the treadmill, to have something to write about. I love it. I mean, it is nothing too special, a 3.5 HP motor with 140 cm band length, just enough for me.

It doesn’t have bluetooth so it cannot be connected with apps on the tablet, even the menu is pretty simple, maybe it has some history or memory function but I couldn’t find them yet. It was 3-4000 crowns more, a model also with that app functionality, so I decided the simplest the better, at the end of the day the app is not gonna burn the fat for me, it would only eat me unnecessary time, while analysing the reports.

The thing is… On Christmas day we went eating at Tom’s for lunch and then we decided to walk a round of lake.. which is around 4.5 km. Must have been months since last time I did a round of Olesna. Just before the end of the round, on the bridge, I felt like jogging, increasing the speed towards the end. Which resulted in a somewhat twisted knee ligament. I mean, I don’t know exactly what happened, I just know that I had to wrap it in elastic bandage and rub it with Voltaren for 2 days and 2 nights, I was barely able to walk down the stairs, as I don’t have much pain endurance, I’m afraid I will make the damage worse if I’m experiencing pain.

When, at the shop, I had the luck to test the machine – on the website it was written they don’t have that model on stock, but looks like they did have it – I was so scared because I was still wearing the bandage underneath my jeans. But it was really a miracle, the few hundred meters that I jogged while testing the treadmill I didn’t experience any pain at all, which made me realize how important and useful the Shock Absorbing System is.

Then, I was barely able to walk to the car without complaining at each step, I was thinking “am I crazy? how can I buy myself a treadmill when I can barely walk? what if I will not be able to use it and it will just be money wasted?”

And now I’m so satisfied that I did buy it! It changed my mood completely. I took this activity seriously from the beginning, I’m keeping a pair of running shoes only for it (the pink ones, I cleaned them properly after Israel) and each time I’m exercising using only proper active-wear. Then the shower after, changing back into clean home-clothes, that I carefully prepared ahead, so I would not have to waste time around the house searching, while sweated. I even created myself a playlist on YouTube specially for this and I was happy to realize that most of the songs in it have a 6.6 or 7 km/h beat rhythm, which is my “resting” peace.

Now regarding my plan and my achievements so far.

In the first evening, on the 29th, I wanted to test if my right knee got into optimum mode again, so I only did 3 km, which took me 30 min. Very bad I know, but I had no expectations, I just wanted to see how my mind and my body are handling the activity, considering I currently have some kg more than what I am usually used to have, but I am on a steady plan for melting them down.

As it was weekend, I used it also on the 30th and the 31st – 2 times on 31st, first 2 km after breakfast and second time, at around 17 h, when I experienced the first 5k with it, which took me a bit under 47 min.

It was ok, I was happy that I saw improvement in the average speed, after each session. And then I decided to exercise 1 day with 1 day rest. It’s perfect!

I was very surprised when I achieved my 2nd round of 5k with 3 min faster. And the 3rd round of 5k – which was today – with 3 more min faster, which means today I achieved 5k in a bit under 41 min. This is a true record for me!

I mean I did push myself, but enough to still be aware of my overall status, I am pretty familiar with fainting, since young age, even if nothing hurts, so I learned when I can push and when I should reduce the speed and take my time to breathe.

For the 2nd and 3rd session I have started a system of alternates between 12 km/h for 30, 40 or 60 sec, with longer resting periods at 5.8, 6 or 6.6 or 7 km/h, depending of the beat of the song and how high I feel my own heartbeat.

Overall, the important thing is to not push too much until fainting, considering I have to survive also a hot shower after, especially those late afternoons when I’m home alone, but I learned that having a bowl of fresh fruit salad, 15-30 min before the activity, it’s perfect to keep my glucose and electrolytes in balance. And I always have a small bottle of water next to me, from which I take regular sips, which helps a lot. I like to start at around 17 h, right after finishing work, so I can have enough time to cool down until preparing dinner.

Long story short: I am so proud of me, first of all, because nobody inspired me to do this big investment, everything came just from inside of me and it fitted perfectly into place; second, because I have just made Leo realize that it is a good idea and the time to replace the old rug from downstairs and tonight we just bought a new dark-beige one, which was intended completely fluffyless, in order to discourage Bonnie’s fur to glue deep into it.

I can hardly wait on Saturday to wipe with Pronto Wax all the parket in the room and install the new piece!

A, I forgot to mention how capable I felt when I was able to figure out and to loosen the screws of the belt, lubricate it and then properly screw them back, in order to keep the belt aligned, as, when it came from the box, it was a bit deflected towards the left and it was making a soft whoosh sound, each round, in the place of the fitting, so I considered that it should not be happening. I even saw the motor and the circuits board, it was so cool! And I carefully aligned it on perfect horizontal position, as on the parket it was not quite straight, but Leo helped here a bit :).

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