5 years from now

I found a blog post that I wrote more than 6 years ago, in which I was asking (myself) where I would be after 5 years from that date. At that time I didn’t have any glimpse that in one year time I would have to leave my native country for.. many other years to come.

I think this human life is too short to get to know yourself properly. To acknowledge what you are capable of doing and achieving. We barely get out of diapers and then live through the 20 years of education system more like in a surviving mode. I mean, until you reach 23-24 years old you have no actual freedom of doing what you want with your life.

And then you get your first job, most probably in the field in which you majored. And after a couple of years you realize that maybe there is some other field that you would like to explore. So you go for it, because you don’t have much to lose, you are still entry-level anyway.

And life throws you through different fields, in the meanwhile you discover astrology and your own chart and study it in comparison with the ones of the people around you. And you learn that not everyone can be successful doing anything and some people have higher chances to succeed in a certain field, than others.

And you finally find your field and start growing in it and then you discover that you have colleagues with the same skills, which are almost a decade younger than you.

And now looking forward, you do see something amazing 5-10 years from now, but you can only see it from your perspective. One cannot form a functional team or a community just by oneself.

There is something that I dreamed about this week, pretty exhilarating. Why can’t change come in our lives always in a smooth, predictable way and comes like a lightning bolt of energy, that ripples through the space-time continuum messing up everything you thought you planned for yourself? I’m grateful though, that these contacts happen in my dreams first, so that reality will not take me too much by surprise… when it will actually happen.

But, unfortunately, once you dreamed about something, you somehow experienced it and an emotional print was left in you… and then you automatically set expectations. And reality seldom meets the expectations.

Ok, what I’m trying to explain is that asking someone and expecting an honest answer to the question “how do you see yourself in 5 years” makes no sense. I think a better question would be: “what are your development priorities now and how you have started (or planning to start) working towards achieving them?”. At least this question makes you think about your life, ahead, in a more effective way, with you being the main character in it.

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