One month of treadmill

Today I re-watched Mr Nobody. Actually, today I finished it, I had started it on Monday evening.

And then I found the blog post I wrote after I saw it the first time, at the very beginning of 2011.

And I read it, it made me feel so blissful!!! I realized that I succeeded, as I did find the perpendicular path over my time-line, which led me closer to understanding the 5th dimension, so I deleted it!!! 🙂

It felt like experiencing spreading my own ashes, with the wind, from the top of the highest mountain I could ever reach. Cool, right?

It’s good to re-watch that movie… from decade to decade, until 2092, as we will always understand something more. And the more we understand, the less we have left to talk about.

So, here’s the graph with my time progress, for a 5 km session run/brisk walk/walk, for 1 month, with my own treadmill:


I made this graph on the phone. And then fine-tuned it on the tablet. I mentioned I gave up having a personal computer, right? It took me 2h.

It’s ok, I have so much time now! Yesterday I caught a moment of such intense “inner silence”! I was even able to concentrate at reading.. literature reading.. so I got to page 21 from “Drums of Autumn”. 😀 It was epic.

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