February’18 highlights

Last night I dreamed I was going to buy 4 tickets to cinema and paying for them with 4 wrapped pills of effervescent aspirin.

Yesterday it came to me a very strong wave of desire to investigate about doing F7 this year, in June session, on 5th, since my heart didn’t leave me not to pay also for 2018 Subscription. I’ve been procrastinating with the study for this exam since I found out the result from F5, in beginning of last year.. That F5 was a traumatic experience

Then, I decided to focus on promotion and I had many new stuff to learn for work.

Then the astrology school, the modules have finished few weeks ago, but I still didn’t catch up with reading everything, too much material.

Two weekends ago I started watching “Drop Dead Diva”. I’m at season 4. And it started to become boring. Yeah, “Once Upon a Time” I abandoned around the middle of season 2.

So now that my waters have cleared a bit, apparently, I felt there is some room for more, although the priority for my free time is still losing weight. I need to find room to go back regularly on the treadmill, after I took a pause for 1 week, which had a negative impact on my stamina, as I was barely able to do 4.5 km in 35 min this Friday and I almost fainted during the shower after. 😦

And I have also German classes, each Thursday after work. I need to take this more seriously, because, from what I’ve noticed, I’m making many mistakes while speaking, so I need to think more before opening my mouth, now that I had the chance, so far, to remember grand part of the vocabulary.

And now it got into my head the idea to see Tunisia. I wonder if those people speak English.. or I will end up initiating myself in Arabic also, at least as much as I invested in Hebrew last year, before Israel trip. But for now, I mean, for the Summer of 2018, I have already planned a road trip through Austrian mountains, Munich and Zürich. And Bern and Geneva. Too much? 😀

Yeah.. well.. now excuse me I’m left at page 2 from the new Study Curriculum for F7. 😀 Just after one more episode of Jane. Or Deb. And Stacy. I miss Fred already. 😦

And then I told Leo I would make a tomato with zucchini and rice soup for lunch, to compensate for the salmon pizza from yesterday’s lunch that I ate also for dinner and for today’s breakfast. It was too big!

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