Addicted to ActiveWear

When I bought my Treadmill I discovered I was already owning 4 ActiveWear T-shirts, 2 zipper-hoodies, 3 pairs of pants leggings – 1 long and the others 3/4 – and 2 support-bras – one for under and one for outside.

None of these items ever saw the inside of a gym, yet most of them did have few sessions of brisk walk around Olesna.

However, the black hoodie and some of the T-shirts saw Mexico, hiked until Praded in Czech Republic, saw Balea Lake and the Sea Side in Romania and the pink-gray one saw a lot of Israel.

Now I own 1 more pair of grey long leggings, 1 long-sleeves black active blouse, 1 dark pink active sweater, 1 pink support-bra for outside, 3 pairs of active socks and 2 hair bands.

I bought most of them from Tchibo (I absolutely love the clothes from Tchibo, as they are designed for real people) and from Tesco, as I found the ones from sports shops way too expensive and never on my taste..

It’s like each week I need to buy something new, to still keep me motivated enough to exercise, although during February I had less sessions per week, than in January, as I felt I needed some time to let the body get used with the idea (aka mostly emotional recovery).

I’m calling them “incentives”. This afternoon I’m going to use the new blouse and the grey pants and go for 10 km. Update: done, picture below, I even made it in 6:30 min less than last time I dared to take 10 km. And a picture with the ugly sporty me :D, before the session, just as checkpoint, as now I have 5 kg less than when I bought the treadmill.

And I’m hopeful I will still find motivation to continue, as I am expecting that after 5 kg more, when I hope I will be able to make 5 km in 30 min, it will become a fun activity. And if my pulse will stay under 160 while doing this, it should be awesome.

And hopefully, by then, my ActiveWear collection will not get to have costed me as much as the Treadmill itself.

Yeah, about my new passion, for the Nutrend protein supplements, I’ll write in a different episode. 😀


March 11th update: So today we arrived to Karolina again and I was happy that I don’t have too much money left on my “petty card” account, I had realized I do have too many clothes – the majority of the ones bought in the past 3 years used only once, because home-office – so I was promissing myself I will not buy more.

I bravely went through most of the shops while Leo was trying new stuff, without trying on anything. And then I got to Nutrend – refilled my stash of Diet Protein Shakes (which I know are too expensive, 50 czk/serving, but I cannot help it, I love the Ice Coffee ones).

And then I ended up in front of Tchibo. And then I left Tchibo with one more active wear light blue t-shirt and another pair of 3/4 active wear leggings and I even compelled Leo to pay for them. Which means I’m getting into a higher stage of addiction. 😀 I just showed him that funny video. Active Wear. Active Wear.

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