Keep breathing, keep, keep breathing…

What? The song was with “bleeding” not “breathing”? And? This is my blog post, I write it is I want to. 🙂 If I want to breathe it, then I breathe it.

Last week I composed a blog post, it was so inspiring, about cycles and about the number 7. Ok, it was more about the meaning of the number 5, but it doesn’t matter anymore, because, when I pressed Publish, it disappeared!

I searched for it, for a half of hour, through Drafts, Trash, Published, Pages.. but nothing, it vanished. But that’s ok, as nothing gets lost, it’s just transforming. The blog post was just the beginning, I only unlocked the energy through writing it and the real avalanche just started – March, the first month of the original calendar! Keep close. 🙂

Just finished another 10 km session. I’m ashamed to say “running session”, considering it took me over 78 min to make them, but it is a progress, nevertheless, for me.

I also finished watching Dark. Marathon mode.. I started it right after finishing Drop Dead Diva, I was inspired. 🙂 Some might say I have nothing better to do with my life. Perhaps. At least for the time being…

Regarding Dark.. The theory behind it was interesting… for a newbie in the topic! When they got to the meaning of the number and they were passing takes between each other as if explaining it to babies, they kinda pissed me of, as the topic could’ve been developed much more… but maybe that was not the point.

Aside from an intensive exposure to spoken German, I cannot say I took much from it. But it did change my future, indirectly!

I mean, somehow, in the middle of the last episode, I remembered something I wrote 4 years ago, about something that happened in less than a month from now. 🙂

I had forgotten about it, so now I’m adding some extra energy into it, surprisingly, the pieces fell into place, like magic. Actions that I took before, without knowing why, now made sense. “[…] Where there is love / I’ll be there.” 🙂

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