Good morning, Spring!

So the Sun is shining, the mountains of snow are melting, the birds are chirping, the buds are growing, the… I can even smell the spiritual. :d Doesn’t make sense? It’s ok, it makes for me and is funny.

So Jupiter just entered Retrograde mode. And Mercury entered the shadow phase, from where it will go Retrograde on 22nd, for its usual 3 weeks, I already spotted and corrected one mistake. I see also Saturn is planning to take a revising and restructuring journey, from April 17th to September 6th and it’s gonna be big this year, because it’s in Capricorn, its sign.

This week I received a small pot of a pink peonies plant, can hardly wait to see them bloom and smell them! I love the smell of peonies, after a refreshing summer rain. I received them in Tesco, at the cashier, in exchange for 79 czk, from my own card.

Because Leo got upset with me when he realized each time I’m only watering my small plants and I never go also in the jungle from the other side of the balcony to water also his banana trees. I explained, my water recipient is holding just enough for my plants, I would have to make two trips to the sink to get enough for his also. Or I could take two recipients. :d Looks like I found a selfishness bug here.

What else I could write? I guess that’s enough for today. I need to harness energy now to go prepare lunch. Soya chunks with champignons and tomato sauce and grilled zucchini. -Ish. This is what always happens at the end of the week, I run out of the good proteins so I have to improvise.

Also on Thursday evening and yesterday evening I ran 5km, I was in the mood, because both my German teacher and my therapist life-consultant wrote me they are sick, so, if I didn’t have to go to the centre, I had to do something else with the energy from all the cookies that Leo brought me these days.

Anyway, now I feel very hungry, even if I had a big breakfast, so, see you downstairs for a slice of fresh pinapple.

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