..and roles shifting

Lately I’ve been having a lot of revelations. Roles of people in my life, in respect to mine, have shifted. I’ve learned new things about me and about my purpose.

And sometimes, in order to fulfill that purpose you have to dismiss people who you thought might help you. At least that’s why you brought them into your life, in the first place.

Or maybe they did help you for a while, until something bigger than you shifted, and you start to notice in them some character traits which appall you.

And you shyly start to believe again that your truth is bigger than theirs and you don’t need them.

And things and beliefs that always had the power to make you happy cannot and should not be changed, because they are part of what makes you, even if a lot of people don’t resonate with them. That’s ok, there are people who still want to believe the Earth is flat, there is a timing for everyone.

I want to believe in the existence of a higher dimension, a realm so sensitive where mere thoughts have the power to create and where dreams are real, even if they are just chemical discharges in your brain during sleep.

Why? Because I can. In the end (or in the beginning) the whole reality is made only of energy and vibration, everything possible exists in the same time, even everything not possible, hence the dark matter. 🙂

Time is just an illusion, our bodies are not meant to life forever, temperature, sounds and colors are different just by how fast the atoms in their material vibrate, so, what are we talking about here?!

I’m not fanatic about my beliefs, I am willing to listen to different opinions, which are trying to challenge them, even for months in a row, but in the end you will only realize that you shifted on the other side and I’m still here, where I have always been, patiently waiting for you.

And yes, I don’t have many friends, lately even less, because life didn’t keep me enough in the same place to have the chance to grow and to nurture friendships, but I do have deep spiritual connections, with people I haven’t seen in a handful of years, some even only once or twice ever.

It comes a point in your life when you discover that you Could use you energies and your talents in a different way, to attract people better. But then what? If this process is too consuming and then you attract more than you can handle, is not good either. What comes naturally is the best.

Not everyone is meant to be a celebrity in this world, for example, some are popular in a different realm. There are many people who have lived their lives completely behind the scenes, nevertheless they helped many to learn how to shine their own light. Some people simply shine more on the inside, but until they acknowledge this they might try to force their truth onto others, causing unnecessary misery.

What I’m trying to say is, Thank you, transiting Jupiter in apparent retrograde, through my first house, you are exactly what I needed. 🙂 I will never doubt of you again.

Which makes me think – we are all just earthworms, in respect to this reality. We think we see the light, but we actually don’t see anything.

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