Israeli quail eggs

This is what I dreamed last night. That he came to me with a carton box of 6 quail eggs, but he had only one left in it and it was old and also broken, so he asked me to replace them, at least 2 of them. I mean, to replace the air in his box with good fresh quail eggs. And I knew they were Israeli because the Nutrition info were written in Hebrew over the box.

I had eggs for breakfast. Chicken eggs. I find quail eggs creepy, too small, too colored, so I could never eat them.

And then I dreamed I was leading a space teleportation elevator, I “borrowed” it from Jerusalem and flew with it until Tel-Aviv. I was gazing at the sky-scrapers from above and trying to take mental pictures of their amazing views, also with beautiful nature landscapes and artesian water fountains.

It was very easy to control it, by simple movements from the wrist with my right palm. Up, down, left, right – like any normal dream-elevator. I was thinking to myself that I’m happy I’m back there, I loved Tel-Aviv, its energy. What positively surprised me is how many artesian fountains they had this time, as I remember seeing only one when I visited, in Ha-Knesset Square.

When I landed in Tel-Aviv they confiscated it from me, a couple of special forces women dressed in black, saying that I’m not allowed with alien technology without being properly tested. And something about equality, in the Muslim Israeli Agreement, I didn’t understand much.

Ok, lunch is ready. I cooked zucchini soup with spring onion, dill and sour cream. Yummy!

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