But… Why?

Just started reading a book I just bought from the huge books & gifts Store Carturesti Carusel. It’s a translation from “How to raise human beings”. I guess. At least this is how I would translate the Romanian title. I was a bit reluctant to buy it, although I was feeling great attraction to it. I was afraid that reading it might kill me. metaphorically speaking.

It put me “on thoughts” literally from the 2nd page, when I got to the word that probably supposed to have been the opposite of “altruistic”, which in English it’s translated “low”…

Is it weird to keep growing thoughts, at 34 years old, that “I don’t know Who I am”? For example, on a scale from 1 to 10, how much altruistic am I, really?

I mean, let’s be honest.. Everyone learns themself through their life experiences, through their family, friends, educators, teachers, managers etc. Some get to discover tools like astrology, various zodiacs put together by ancient cultures, numerology, Kabbalah, aura readings, psychological and personality profiles and types.. and then they spend a whole lifetime observing if they are indeed what it is written that they might be.

But what if, during your whole lifetime on Earth, you never have the chance to get into contact with what you truly are? What if you are not (only) a Human Being?

Is not like, when you get born, you automatically receive an instruction manual of “Who you are and How to let others know that you can be just that.” Ok, some people might raise their hand and state, without even blinking, that they know who they are. Good for them.

The grand majority might have never even dared to ask themselves this question and they still live blissfully. I am not that lucky.

Sometimes, I mean, when I’m asked and I feel it is appropriate to say what I really believe and not what the other person would like to hear, I am usually saying that I’m more than I can capture myself into a description.

I’m 360 degrees in the same time. I’m the Sun, the rainbow, a Moon eclipse, a uncoutable number of vibrating atoms, black matter, and all in the same time. By the same logic I could even say that I’m a 5D trapped in a 3D.

Am I too philosophical, perhaps? Perhaps. I am too philosophical. Or maybe I’m not. It all relates to whom I am comparing myself. Am I philosophical? I am. Or? Am I not.. anything at all?

And, btw, Who are you?

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