Simply everything

At first I wanted to call this blog post “I know too much… and yet not enough” but I remembered the other thing. They both make sense with the entry below.

Last night it was 325 at 4th floor. Which actually was 5th floor, counting also ground floor.

I was visiting someone at first floor, I was dating that person. At one point, the elevator I was in, had a malfunction and I heard people outside calling the emergency services. It was going down for few floors, normal speed, with me alone in it, then it stopped. I ignored the warnings and when it stopped I was able to force the door open and I got out. Nothing happened.

Then I dared to walk the stairs up, I knew I would have to find the apartment. And when I found it, was a nice brown metal door with 3 or 4 full pages typed glued to the door.

The door in the left was the same Cafe place, also with a lot of papers on it. I didn’t dare to get closer and read what it was on them, maybe it was not the right time, but, now that I wrote it down, I have a guess what they meant.

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