Biking season started

So on Saturday morning I took out my bike from “naftalina” and cleaned it and pumped the tires. Ok, the front one I did it myself, the back one Leo helped, because I was actually trying to demonstrate to him that my bike doesn’t need special pump. I just knew it works with standard car pump. Which makes me wonder why the whole last year my bike was lying around in the living room while I was procrastinating taking it to gas station where they have pump with compressor.. I was never finding enough energy to do that, which was actually not even needed, but I didn’t remember that. Anyway..

So barely on Sunday afternoon I got the chance to jump on it, keeping company to Leo for an errand until Mistek. Which caused me some pain.. in my surrounding area.. that I was barely sitting for two days. But it was fun, nonetheless.

Yesterday after work, as the sun got out after a rainy morning, I grabbed Bonnie (by the leash) and we went for drinks and dinner at Olesna. Same as on Friday. At least I have a nice place where I can use my meal-vouchers card.

Today it was even warmer and sunny than yesterday, so I dared to go for dinner on bike. After spinning for 2 rounds of Olesna  ~10 km in total. And when I got out from restaurant to head back home it was so cold, as the sun had went down. And when I got home after biking all the hill from Olesna I was barely moving, my legs were shaking feeling like semi-jelly, I was imagining the soreness I would feel for the next days… but after a hot shower the muscles came back to normal state.

So yeah.. diary of a 34 years old. Feels like 20ish. This time I intended to be peaceful and a bit funny, as I am aware most of the times, lately, when I write on my blog, I am either overwhelmed (by some dream) either depressed. But that’s life, we have to embrace all the poles from it.

I predict this will be a year with great possibilities for relaxing, where I can peacefully enjoy what I’ve built for the past years. I can feel it in the air. Except for that part, somewhere in the summer, when I will have to fly again home to renew my driver’s licence and my passport, as they’ll both expire this year… not much fun.

Who knows, maybe next year I will have the mental resources to finally aim for that trip to the long desired Argentina. It’s the 12h 14h flight that makes me reluctant, now that I experienced it already last year, after another 1h flight to Frankfurt or Paris… after 5h of bus and train to Prague…  too much transit time.

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