Let me know you’re feeling me and seeing all the things I see

Today I said No. Plain and simple. In a place where I am not comfortable to refuse anything, but lately I noticed I was overloading myself unnecessarily with all sort of ad-hocs even if that meant spending a lot more time aside from my planned daily tasks, probably because I was caring too much about “saving the day” for everyone who was requesting anything from me, sometimes even juggling with 3 tasks in the same time.

So today I was taken by surprise with this newly acquired assertiveness of mine.. admitting that I’m not a Hero, not even close, but I need to take care of my health at some given times also. And you don’t usually want to mess with me when I’m passed my eating hour, as I’m converting in quite a Hangry Monster.

Now, the problem is, even if I did my best to not let it touch me and to shake my waters, I still got dragged into the topic without even having the chance to defend myself and even if I rejected it I couldn’t focus properly anymore on what I was having in my priority list before closing the day, which now took me double time to conclude. So I need to learn of saying No and standing my ground without feeling sorry after. And I even have several relevant reasons to support my decision, so why am I still feeling sorry about it, several hours after?

Ok, now moving on. I saw Enrique Iglesias this week. From several meters, unfortunately, a bit too far to feel anything, but he got me captivated by the end of the show. He is such a nice and warm person, I was expecting this from what I was able to read from his songs, but this is exactly how he is also in reality. And I was surprised to see how skinny he is in reality. And a bit crazy, in a funny way. I mean, he was giving everything he has for the show.

Sometimes in the middle he sat on his knees and bowed down in an exterior corner of the stage and stood there for more than a minute, in “being overwhelmed with gratitude for everything I have mode”. I hope it was that and not because he was not feeling good or anything. He turned 43 the same day.. which makes me realize how old I am. 😀 I remember I discovered him around the age when I had my first crush on a boy, mostly because it appeared to me that this boy looks like Enrique. I don’t know how my subconscious got to this conclusion.

And yeah. I went also to the new office, that, I was surprised to see on the map, is neighboring Argentinska Street. Funny, God, funny. And on Monday I had a thrilling session in Spanish with my colleague from Buenos Aires (or that was last week?!). And another 1h brainstorming session on a different topic and with a different character and public which left me shaking when it finished. Interesting.. I mean, interesting… some energy dynamics still left to study here.

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