Ok, so now we also kiss – The Healing Moon

September 19th 2020

All house is full of kids, from ages 8 to 1, celebrating Lia’s birthday.

2 of course, as you successfully did the math yourself, from the other episodes. 😀

At one point every high voice shuts and Moon rushes surprised from the kitchen, where she was preparing to serve the fruit cake, and she sees Jesus standing out from the middle of the crowd, doing some tricks with cups, which amazingly captivated all eyes.

Josie and Lia know Jesus well and they like him, as he was occasionally baby-sitting, when Moon had doctor appointments or errands to run, he was very pleased to teach them Spanish. Remember Moon remained to raise the children alone only with the help of the Angels.

The Angels is the name of the foundation that helps people through Holistic Healing Therapy, where Moon started working, after she got resurrected, as no other field seemed appropriate anymore for her now.

This is where she met Jesus. She didn’t notice him really until a couple of months ago when they were at a small barbecue party by the lake, celebrating 5 years since The Angels Foundation was… founded.

With his rebelious curled hair and very brown eyes, he was not her type at all. But now that she already had her blue-eyed and blond-haired genes from Jason and her, passed forward with Josie and Lia, she started to give herself a break in this aspect and not reject guys from the start just because they are smiling at her with a different color of eyes.

Besides, Jesus was also much younger than her, younger by more than 20% her age, and if it were to find herself another partner she was looking for a stable mid-life age type with enough financial means and experience to feel comfortable raising the girls together.

Jesus was almost the opposite of Jason, very open and friendly, jumping to help anyone, anytime, basically the guy next door, that you easily put in the friend zone from the first moment you meet.

About four months ago, Jesus had a case with an abused mom which needed to rebuild her life with her twin toddlers, away from her alcoholic husband. And he realized it might be good to consult also with Moon in order to see her perspective and be able to put himself in the client’s shoes and relate better to her struggle, so she asked her colleague Moon for some help. After they managed to put the young mom more or less back on her track, the time came for this barbecue party.

He was multi-tasking, taking care of the grill and also playing the role of the children’s personal bartender, preparing them all sort of lemonades and virgin cocktails.

At one point she looks up from her stuff, takes a deep breath and notices the blue sky and a small breeze through her hair, when she gets hit in the face by a badminton butterfly, waking her up from her reverie.

She heads to the table with the food and from a different direction Jesus arrives apparently on a trajectory for occupying the same exact place.

While having this serendipitous moment of being too close to each other, she noticed he was holding a glass with some orangey beverage in it. He hands it to her, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, as if, just 2 minutes before, she had requested this custom-made beverage just for herself. But they hadn’t even had the chance to say Hi to each other for that day.

She looked at him, straight into his eyes and she didn’t know what to do, if to take it or not. It was smelling like it was not an art-piece suitable for children. When almost 5 seconds passed and he was still in the same position of handing the glass to her, she felt the awkwardness and she took it, out of a mixture of fear and hope that he hadn’t noticed she was reluctant to accept it and also praying that nobody else spotted this ridiculous moment.

She said thanks with a seemingly retained smile and each went back to their “places of battle” they were assigned for that day.

The same cheerful guy is now occupying a place in her living room, captivating her also, that she jumps next to him in the middle or the crowd, to try to do the trick herself.

He has such an amazing influence on her, energizing her at a visceral level, making her react in ways she never knew she was capable anymore and experiencing organic happiness again, after so much time when she got convinced that now that she is a single mom she needs to be very responsible, not allowing herself even to joke anymore.

She learned he got himself under her skin long before the conscious part of her brain noticed. It was in that moment when she was shopping for a pink tutu for Lia, when a grey hoodie with two dinosauri with very short arms caught her attention. It was written “Hug Me” on its chest, it was cute and funny. And that’s when she had a flash of desire of buying that for herself and puting it on some day when Jesus is also around, shocked to learn that she was indeed yearning for a hug from him.

After the party ended, Jesus was the last one to leave and, with a hand on the door knob, after scanning around to make sure all house is back into place, without saying anything, he made a step closer to those two creatures in front of him, owned by a face which was now so naturally smiling, even also with her ears, and leaned to Moon’s lips, touching them with his, in an appropriately amount of moist union, which only lasted for 1 second.

Different in so many ways, yet that felt the most natural thing in the world, for both of them. So beautiful.

To be continued.

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