Two days after – The Healing Moon

On Monday, Jesus looked distant all morning, yet concentrated with training the new intern.

He appeared so confident, that even Moon, although she knew everything that moves around that place already, she would’ve joined them just to enjoy everything being explained one more time by him.

At 12:55 he shows up in front of her desk, now with a sunshine face, trying to contain his overwhelming smile and says:
– Will you join me for lunch or you want me to bring you something?
– Sure, thank you, I’ll join you. I have something I would like to consult with you.

After they almost finished their meals, she started fidgeting and playing with moving the food from one place to another in the plate.

She finally catches some air and shoots:
– It’s not fair to you.

Baffled, he leans a bit closer to her, over the table, and makes a gesture trying to express “I’m listening”.
– I will support you with anything you need here at work.
– I know, you are amazing, knowing and doing so many things, I am very grateful that you are always available.

– This is too unstable. As exciting and tempting as it is, our connection, it comes in tornado mode and brooms everything around.

– I see.. he slowly added.

– I ran our Holistic compatibility report, I asked Meredith for help in the astrology department, hope you don’t mind. She wrote me that Uranus square Venus-Mars gives this deep electrical attraction, but that’s all that is. I need stability, especially for my girls.
I need someone to be with us 24/7, the girls demand a lot of attention at this stage, you know Josie, you noticed she is a special kid, very vivid imagination, she needs to be monitored closely and have a well established routine, after everything she’s been through. And as I said, is not fair to you. Jesus, I don’t want to put that much responsibility over your shoulders, you need to live your life, to explore your full potential, not to tie yourself prematurely with us.
I know maybe you haven’t even tought about this, this far, but I had to disseminate it, well before it unfolded. I must think first about the future of my daughters.

– I understand, Moon. I know it must have been hard for you to tell me all this and I respect your reasons.

– We can let more time pass, see how the things unfold. I think we can be of very much help to each other here, on professional level, here at work. I’m planing to expand the Angels, this is my priority now, to attract more funds to have a stable practice here, I need it to become financially stable, so that I can get enought credit to buy a house. I don’t think I mentioned before, but, the rent for the house where we live now, is still paid by my “ex-husband”. If Jason decides to marry Meredith I cannot accept this anymore, so we will have to move out.

– I see. But I’m asking you to let me take care of you, Moon. You need to be taken care also, you have also been through many life changing situations, which made you grow up faster than most. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for you to live without a mom. I understand that you want to make sure Josie and Lia will never feel this. My intentions are and will always be to add value to your life, not to take from you. I definitely don’t want to make you feel like I’m taking advantage of your vulnerability.

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